Maj.-Gen. Fortin in court demanding reinstatement

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Maj.-Gen. Fortin in court demanding reinstatement as head of vaccine rollout | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

MajThe health care systems in parts of Ontario and Quebec are risking.-Gen Dany Fortin is fighting in Federal Court to get back his old job as head of Canada’s vaccine task force — even though the government says the role no longer exists.

Fortin was removed from the high-profile post after he was accused of sexual assault and subsequently charged.

Fortin’s legal defence made its arguments today during the start of a two-day virtual hearing, which?Fortin attended with his camera off. His lawyer argued that if his former position is not available, he should be given another role that reflects his rank.The construction o?

His lawyer Thomas Conway said that?Fortin?has not been given a new?assignment and?appears to have been bypassed for promotion since he was?removed from the?secondments COVID horrors. Now i. He said Fortin?believes his career may be?over.

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