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Shower room is convenient, fast and space-saving, which is the choice of many families. It occupies a small area, can effectively separate dry and wet, and can play a role in heat preservation in winter, but many people do not know that the comfort of the shower room is closely related to the installation, so the installation of the shower room is also very particular. If you want to use the shower room without worry, you should pay more attention to the installation process

meaning of shower room installation

shower room has many advantages, such as small occupied area, effective dry and wet separation, and heat preservation in winter. Water vapor is gathered in a narrow space, heat will not be lost quickly, and the whole space is warm and comfortable. The comfort of the shower room is closely related to the installation, so the installation of the shower room is also very particular

installation process of shower room

1 Preparation and installation of the bottom basin: the manufacturer of the regular shower room will send professionals to the door for installation, and take all the tools with you, which is faster and more convenient. The installation of the bottom basin must be careful, and the water test is an essential part. If the house is installed, it will be more difficult to make major changes

2. Preparation before installation: check whether the product package is complete, and check whether the configuration is complete after opening. Prepare necessary tools and put them together for easy access

material preparation: the materials used for the installation of shower room include frame, tempered glass, handle, pulley and other accessories

tool preparation: many tools are still needed during the installation of the shower room. It is best to prepare all these tools before installation. The tools used in this installation include tape measure, pencil, impact drill, hammer, electric screwdriver, glue gun, manual screwdriver, wire pliers, etc

3. Install the bottom basin: assemble the parts of the bottom basin, adjust the level of the bottom basin, and ensure that there is no water in the basin and the basin bottom. The hose can be extended and retracted with distance to firmly connect the basin bottom with the floor drain

4. Test and protection (important links): after installation, water test inspection is required to ensure that the water is unobstructed. The installed bottom basin shall also be protected in time before the installation of the room

5. Room installation: whether the shower room is safe or not has an important relationship with whether the room installation is formal. Whether the positioning and punching are accurate, whether the accessories are installed properly, and whether the waterproof seal is done well all affect the normal use of the product. The strength and angle of installation are also difficult for ordinary people to grasp

6. Locating and punching: make clear the pipe arrangement in the bathroom to prevent the explosion of hidden pipelines during punching. Use pencil and level ruler to determine the drilling position of aluminum materials against the wall, and use impact drill to drill holes

7. Installation of aluminum (important link): knock in rubber particles at the drill hole, and lock the aluminum strip on the wall with screws. Note that it is necessary to adjust continuously while installing to maintain the verticality of aluminum

8. Fix the glass (important link): lock the glass clamp tightly at the drilling hole of the bottom basin, the bottom of the flat glass or bent glass falls into the glass clamp groove, and slowly push it into the wall aluminum material. Fix it with screws

9. Install pipe jacking: drill holes at the corresponding position above the fixed glass, install (straight/inclined) fixed seats and connect the pipe jacking. Fix it on the top of the glass with a elbow sleeve

10. Install the shelf: measure the position, install the shelf, tighten the laminate nuts, fix the laminate glass, and keep it vertical and horizontal. Pay attention to waterproof under the aluminum material fixing the glass

11. Installation of movable door (important link): generally, holes for installing wheels have been reserved on the sliding door glass. Moving the sliding door requires the help of pulleys. First, install the two wheels above the sliding door. After installing the wheels, place them in the corresponding positions, and then debug and install the wheels below. Install the hardware of the movable door, and install the hinge at the reserved hole of the fixed door. After installation, adjust the position of the shaft core of the lotus leaf until the door feels the best

12. Waterproof (important link): install suction strips or water retaining strips on the side or below the glass as required. Use silica gel to close the joints between aluminum and wall, glass and bottom basin. After the shower room is basically installed, glass glue is applied to the aluminum frame and wall, which can effectively prevent water penetration in the future

13. Debugging and fastening (important link): check whether each part is comfortable and smooth, and adjust it in time if any problem is found. After adjustment, tighten the corresponding screws to make the whole shower room more secure

14. Closing work: so far, the installation of shower room has been completed, and the final work is the closing work. Wipe the whole shower room with a rag, etc. in addition, put away the installation tools and remaining accessories, and pay attention to the protection of finished products

precautions for the installation of shower room

1. After the package of shower room is removed, please place the glass vertically and stably against the wall. Horizontal or uneven placement may lead to glass damage, property loss or personal injury

2. When handling, the horizontal handling of the shower room is easy to break the glass. It must be handled vertically by more than two people at the same time, and pay attention to avoid collision with hard objects

3. Burning flames such as cigarettes will damage the spraying or glass, so be sure to stay away from the fire source

4. Do not stand or lean on the shower, and do not place heavy objects on the shower room

5. It is strictly forbidden to use chemicals such as acid, alkali and organic solvents and acid cleaners during cleaning, otherwise the product surface will be damaged

6. Use clean water or neutral detergent to clean the surface of the product. For stains that cannot be removed, use a cleaning cloth soaked with a small amount of alcohol to remove the stains

7. Acrylic products begin to soften when heated to 100 ℃, so avoid storing or using them in a high temperature environment of 80 ℃ or above

8. The acrylic plate has static electricity and is easy to attach dust. When cleaning the acrylic bottom basin, you can easily remove the dust by dipping a cotton cloth in a little soapy water to achieve the cleaning effect

9. Avoid contact with strong organic solvents such as benzene, paint, paint cleaner, etc. accidental contact may cause surface softening, dissolution and other phenomena endangering product quality

10. It is strictly forbidden to use sharp and hard objects or objects with grinding effect to wipe the product surface

11. It is strictly forbidden to wipe with detergent powder, which will corrode the surface and reduce the surface smoothness

12. When using sealing silica gel, do not apply silica gel to the surface of acrylic sanitary ware. If you apply a little carelessly, remember not to wipe it in a hurry, which is more difficult to remove. It should be gently removed after curing. It is strictly forbidden to scrape it with hard objects, otherwise it will cause surface damage. After the bottom basin is installed, it should be used after the silica gel is completely cured (the curing time of silica gel is 24 hours)

what owners need to pay attention to in this step

when shopping for goods, some consumers choose some low-cost and poor quality shower rooms in order to save money. After using them for a period of time, either the pulley cannot be pushed, the accessories are damaged, and the water leakage is serious, or the glass explodes and injures people. The manufacturer has no guarantee measures in terms of maintenance, and even shirks responsibility and avoids problems. Therefore, please pay attention to the choice of quality and service, The service life of a high-quality shower room is 3-5 times that of a low-quality shower room, and the effect of use is incomparable





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