Is it better to paint or stick wallpaper for decor

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Decorative effect comparison

the decorative effect of emulsion paint is relatively single, the selectivity is also relatively poor, and the later maintenance is relatively simple; The patterns and patterns of the wallpaper are rich and colorful, which can better meet the personalized decorative effect and match the overall decoration style. To some extent, the wallpaper is also relatively fancy

comparison of environmental protection

both wallpaper and latex paint are getting better and better in environmental protection. Although wallpaper is a handicraft and paint is a chemical, many reliable large brand latex paints with good quality also contain almost no formaldehyde. If wallpaper is of poor quality, ink and paper are also prone to pollution. Whether it is environmentally friendly or not depends mainly on the material

durability comparison

the coating has a direct protective effect on the putty layer, and the service life of the water-resistant putty will be longer after being painted. Wallpaper has no protective effect on putty, and it is easy to curl edges after a long time, and the cost and difficulty of painting and re construction are also less than wallpaper

price comparison

generally speaking, the price of wallpaper is higher than that of painting, but it still depends on the labor cost and the grade of products purchased

suitable is the most important. Both wallpaper and painting have their own advantages. In addition to the characteristics of the product itself, painting or wallpaper also needs to be considered comprehensively. If there are many rainy days and the wall is easy to be wet, it is better to choose painting

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