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Maybe you are an entrepreneur and have been doing nothing. Maybe you are an investor, but you can't find a good project. It's also that you work in a company but can't think of a project in that industry. Do you want to continue like this? Today. In the era of home decoration and building materials advocating "customization" and "environmental protection", should we miss the overall wardrobe?

join the overall wardrobe to make money for the rich, make money for the house buyers, and make a lot of money, so that your dream can take off at this moment. 2014 overall wardrobe is the most worthy brand to join - Rafael wardrobe. Join easily and work together with Rafael to write a wealth life

enterprise purpose: quality casts the brand, integrity shapes the image. Core competitiveness: quality + image + service + speed + innovation. Design concept: Science and technology, environmental protection, humanity, fashion. Enterprise vision: to become the best company and provide the best products and sincere services to the society

business positioning: accurate positioning, providing customers with excellent products, high-quality services, and competitive product added value

Raphael's overall wardrobe has been rated as the "top ten brands of overall wardrobe in China" for three consecutive years. Raphael's specialty stores have been spread all over the north and south of the motherland and are continuing to expand with a rapid momentum. Rafael's six core forces of productivity, product power, marketing power, service power, image power and training power will escort you.

joining Rafael will not only have a strong brand to escort you, but also help franchisees prepare for opening when opening a store. There is a professional team to do a series of work for you, such as market analysis, store site selection, decoration design, supervision and training, etc. Provide you with mature professional brand support

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