What are the characteristics of zunfengmei sewing

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At present, there are many sewing agent brands on the market, but many brands are OEM processing. These processing plants focus on sales, and the research on product performance improvement is not enough, so the product quality can only meet the general needs. Zunfeng's sewing agent products are all self-developed products, from consumer demand research to product design, research and development, production, and then to publicity and promotion, all from the efforts and investment of the company's headquarters

generally speaking, Zunfeng's sewing agent has two characteristics:

L in the application of formula, Zunfeng has created the nano TiO2 micro colloidal particle coating technology, which can improve the durability of the product by three times

l Zunfeng carries out corresponding R & D application tests according to different scenarios of home applications, so as to produce the most matching product categories under different scenarios. For example, Zunfeng has developed "nano king" sewing agent products with high oil resistance, dirt resistance and mold resistance for kitchen and bathroom areas with heavy oil and mold; We have developed a special "king of porcelain drilling" beauty joint agent product for marble, microcrystalline stone and other ceramic tiles with luxurious decoration such as villas; Aiming at the disadvantages of cumbersome construction and difficult cleaning of oil-based sealant, an upgraded waterborne epoxy sealant was developed




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