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In the past two months, with the arrival of the golden season of the golden nine and silver ten real estate market, the price war of home decoration enterprises has become increasingly fierce, with 388, 000. Advertisements for decoration to your home have attracted the attention of citizens. Walking on the streets, advertisements can be seen everywhere, signing bills and giving gifts 8.80% off the engineering fee during the store celebration! And other propaganda slogans. However, is the seemingly attractive preferential price a real pie or a hidden mystery for consumers? For half a month, the reporter found through investigation that for many people who buy houses and decorate for the first time, the water in the home decoration market is too deep, and they fell into a secret battle with home decoration companies without paying attention. There are more than a dozen decoration companies on Xinghua North Street. Now almost every company is posted with advertisements for discounts and price reductions. Some stores post 20% discount on decoration construction costs on glass windows, while some companies display a 8.8% discount on engineering costs during the store celebration on electronic advertising screens! The slogan of. When the reporter walked into one of the stores, the receptionist said to the reporter: our company is holding a group purchase promotion. If you decorate your house now, you will get the most preferential price. Out of this store, before entering another one, someone came to ask the reporter: do you want to decorate the house? Our company is on the opposite side. Now it is decorated, and the price is 20% off. The reporter found that at present, almost every family in Shenyang is carrying out price reduction, discount and preferential activities, and some large home decoration companies have also reduced their profit margin to less than 10%. Zhao Guotao, vice president of Liaoning Decoration Association, told reporters. For consumers, the price reduction is a good thing, but the reporter found that the problem with the most complaints is precisely because the price is too low. Zhao Jihai, who lives in the kleister International Garden community in Huanggu District, told reporters about his experience in decoration. Because of his lack of experience, he was fooled into signing a contract by a company's so-called preferential price. After signing the contract, the company first proposed that the door painting was not included in the contract, and then said that scraping White did not enter the contract. Finally, after the decoration of the whole house, Xiao Zhao paid a full 30% higher than the contract price. Due to the cursory contract signed at that time, many terms were not refined, and Xiao Zhao finally had to compromise. Attract customers to sign contracts with low quotations, create clever names in the decoration process, and constantly add new charging items, resulting in the final settlement price seriously exceeding the contract price. This is the jargon in the home decoration market that "open low and go high", which is the most common way to entrap people. Ms. Li, who lives in Tiexi Xinhu garden, told reporters that the 60 square meter house she bought last year had been installed for a whole year. I was introduced by a friend. This company doesn't have ‘ Contract ’, But my friend said that his family work was very good, and then I agreed to do it. What Ms. Li's friend introduced was not a decoration company at all, but a decoration team that usually found a job at the roadside. As a result, although the money was saved, the existing house Ms. Li bought last April was not installed until September this year. Zhao Guotao told reporters that now Shenyang home decoration industry has gathered towards mainstream large brand enterprises, but there are still many unqualified construction teams. These small construction teams, due to their lack of competitiveness, often take on a lot of work at once, and then take turns to do several projects. According to reports, Shenyang currently has only 200 to 300 companies with decoration qualifications. According to the statistics of relevant departments of the Municipal Construction Commission, among all the complaints of decoration owners, the biggest problem is the dispute caused by unclear contract terms. Niu Zhanyu, Secretary General of Shenyang Architectural Decoration Association, said that the current home decoration contract used in Shenyang is the Liaoning family room decoration contract (model text). The seal supervised by the Liaoning Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce contract model text is stamped on the upper right corner of each page of the contract. The contract has a number. If there is a problem, the relevant departments can find the responsible person according to the number. Many consumers value the price when decorating, but in fact, the lower the decoration price is, the better. Taking the decoration of a 100 square meter house as an example, the standard price of ordinary hardcover is about 65000 yuan. If customers buy main materials such as ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, kitchenware, lighting, floors, etc., the price of half package decoration is also 45000 yuan. However, some decoration companies have pressed the price of half package to 20000 or 30000 yuan. Under normal circumstances, this price can not even earn the cost. These companies can only use decoration materials with poor quality and low cost. Xiao Dan, a senior person in Shenyang home decoration industry, said that if the decoration company still has more than 10% discount after the quotation, there may be a trap among them, and consumers should avoid being deceived




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