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Cohen appliance "holy fire" kn91 gas stove controls "fire" at will

for Chinese cooking, frying is the most important. For a food with complete color, aroma and flavor, the heat is very important. To make delicious food, but can't adjust the appropriate firepower, such a kitchen dilemma often plagues many people. "If you want to do well, you must sharpen your tools first." To this end, Cohen electric dedicated the "holy flame" kn91 gas stove, which not only greatly improved the thermal efficiency of combustion, but also equipped with stepless knob control to accurately control the size of the fire. From then on, the fire can be controlled at will

Cohen's "holy flame" kn91 gas stove has strong cohesion, straight fire holes, and concentrated but not dispersed heat, making unprecedented extreme firepower a reality. Among them, the natural sinking 30mm design of the soup tray increases the premixed space of gas and air to 2.5 times the original, which can better achieve stable, lasting and efficient combustion even in the event of gas pressure changes; Coupled with the "six chamber supply system" around the soup plate, it greatly improves the thermal efficiency of gas, allowing you to enjoy the use of very firepower

not only that, Cohen "holy flame" kn91 gas stove optimizes the traditional internal flame ignition to external flame ignition, and the one-time ignition success rate is increased by 20%, without waiting. The high-density fire hole is more efficient and safe. The center is composed of many dense small fire pillars, which has less heat loss and higher thermal efficiency. With such powerful technology, the heat load of Cohen's "holy flame" kn91 gas stove can easily reach 4200W, and the fire is really fierce. At the same time, the thermal efficiency is as high as 67%, which is far higher than the first-class energy efficiency of the national standard. The heating speed is 15% faster than that of general stoves, and 30% less gas than that of traditional stoves in an hour. It is more efficient, energy-saving and environmental friendly

generally speaking, the traditional domestic gas stove is usually a three-stage fire, which is large, medium and small. If the fire of the ordinary gas stove is adjusted to the minimum, the flame will obviously lose its stability, and a stable small fire suitable for cooking soup cannot be adjusted. The Cohen "holy fire" kn91 gas stove adopts a hot forged 60 degree brass fire cover, and the whole fire cover is forged into 60 fire holes with an equal spacing of 1mm, so as to accurately control the fire, ensure the intensity and accuracy of the fire, easily achieve the extreme small fire without extinguishing the fire, and make the flame close to the bottom of the pot, so as to ensure that the flame is more pure and stable. The mung bean fire required for boiling soup, or even a lower heat preservation fire, can be easily done

the excellent performance of Cohen's "holy flame" kn91 gas stove comes from the continuous innovation of technology. Cohen has never forgotten his original intention, committed to improving China's cooking environment, and combined China's long-standing food culture with advanced science and technology, so that every family can enjoy the easy cooking brought by exquisite technology. Kn91 gas stove is perfect for all firepower needs. The fire is fierce enough and the stir frying is extremely delicious; The fire is small enough to make the soup delicious. Control the "fire" at your heart to help every family enjoy the ultimate delicacy





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