Jingjiangfeng, a dealer of Yadan wardrobe in Yunch

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I have a belief that as long as I choose the right product, I will not hesitate to do it well in our local market. I thought to myself, "if we don't do it, we must do it well."

from March 25 to 26, the dealer conference of "smart gathering and win the future" of Yadan wardrobe was grandly held in Country Garden Phoenix Hotel, Zhaoqing, Guangdong. More than 400 dealers from all over the country gathered together to share the fruitful achievements of Yadan wardrobe in 2013, look forward to the new blueprint for the future of Yadan wardrobe, and formulate the development strategy and goals of Yadan wardrobe in 2014. Huiya information and home hotline, as invited media, followed the whole process, and interviewed some excellent dealers of Yadan to share their stories with Yadan

interview guests: Yadan wardrobe Shanxi Yuncheng dealer jingjiangfeng

Home hotline: Hello! First of all, when will you join Yadan wardrobe

president Jing: I joined Yadan in 2011

home hotline: Why did you join Yadan at that time, or did Yadan attract you

president Jing: the reason why I joined Yadan at that time was very simple, because I used to wholesale plates, so I knew more about plates. At that time, I wanted to find the industry of customized wardrobe, mainly to choose manufacturers with health and environmental awareness. At that time, in July, I attended an exhibition in Guangzhou. At that time, Yadan put forward a slogan, "zero formaldehyde Wardrobe", which deeply attracted me. Moreover, I paid the money for joining at that time. It was very simple, and I didn't even investigate

home hotline: after cooperating with Yadan for so long, do you have any new understanding of Yadan brand

president Jing: after nearly three years of cooperation, I think we are also growing step by step with Yadan, and we also learn a lot from Yadan. The first is the management mode, including team awareness. Because I have no experience in making plates and furniture before. Through Yadan, I have learned a lot. Now my team is getting bigger and bigger

home hotline: as one of the excellent dealers of Yadan, share with us what highlights or progress you have made in business in the past year

Mr. Jing: the part of progress gives me the feeling that our team was also groping at the beginning, and they are all newcomers. After more than two years, our team has now become relatively mature. We learned a lot from Adan

home hotline: what support has Yadan brand given you in the operation, so that you can achieve such excellent results

President Jing: the key is that I have a belief that as long as I choose the right product, I will not hesitate to do it well in our local market. I thought to myself, "if we don't do it, we must do it well." Our local competition is also quite fierce, such as hospitality Sofia, which has occupied our local market for a long time, nearly 10 years. So for me, if I want to keep up with them or even surpass them, I have to make great efforts. So my first consideration is in advertising, and my investment is relatively large. Through advertising, the effect was not very good in the first year, and the overall effect was very obvious last year, so I am very happy to become an excellent dealer of Yadan last year

home hotline: finally, please take this opportunity to express your expectations for Yadan in the future, or send a few blessings

president Jing: like holding this meeting, I hope that Yadan will really be like a family. We will work together and help each other to make Yadan bigger and stronger and become the leader of the wardrobe industry

home hotline: I believe your wish will come true

President Jing: Thank you





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