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Google's release of the first developer of Android P seems to imply its attitude towards the current weak flat glass market

Google recently released the first American packless shock hose developer preview version of Android P, but this new system does not support pixel C, the latest generation of flat computer product of Google, which also seems to indicate Google's attitude towards the current weak flat glass market

it is a well-known fact that the tablet computer market has been shrinking in recent years. By the third quarter of 2017, the sales had declined for 12 consecutive quarters. The same as the malaise of the tablet market is the situation of Android tablets. In the third quarter of 2017, the share of the entire Android camp has dropped to 62%; On the one hand, the scale continues to decline. On the other hand, manufacturers have little interest in updating their product lines: at present, only Samsung, Huawei and other companies are still updating their tablet product lines, which is quite different from the situation of the scuffle among the heroes when tablet computers were just emerging

to use one word to describe the current situation of Android Tablet is probably rigid but not dead: it is huge but lacks the driving force for innovation, and is in the process of decline

generally speaking, the gradual decline of Android Tablet is due to the following reasons:

endogenous defects of tablet computer itself

the reason why tablet computer was popular at the beginning of its birth is that compared with smart computer, its screen is much larger, which can meet more video entertainment needs. Compared with notebook computer, it is more portable and can be competent for certain lightweight office tasks

but later, people found that this product that seems to have all the advantages is not as beautiful as they thought. In terms of portability, it is not as smart as taking it out of your pocket at any time. In addition, many tablet computers do not have the ability to insert cards to use mobile networks, which makes it much less frequently used in mobile scenarios; In terms of productivity, tablet computers can not be compared with windows or Mac PCs at all, and even text work may not be very competent. Even now the iPad pro, known as the "productivity tablet", is far less handy than the notebook in the application of office scenes

this feature of "high not low" has led to the tablet becoming a product that is basically only used for audio-visual entertainment. It has become the fate of many tablets to "eat ashes" at home, which makes it difficult for many users to be interested in purchasing iterative products again, and manufacturers will not struggle to develop new tablets. This is also the endogenous reason for the continuous decline of the entire tablet Market in recent years, Android tablets are no exception

lack of application level support

the biggest difference between Android Tablet and Apple iPad may lie in the gap between tablet application ecology, which is far greater than that between Android and iPhone. Looking at the current Android Tablet applications, in addition to some Google play applications on the shelves that simply adapt to the tablet form, others are basically hard to enlarge and stretch the application, which makes insufficient use of the screen space and poor experience. As for apple, it is very rare to launch a version specifically for the iPad. Many tablet specific applications with the suffix HD that can be found at present have not been updated for many years. The current poor adaptation situation makes developers more unlikely to develop a dedicated version for Android Jinan new era. Therefore, this situation will only worsen in the future

what is more worrying than application adaptation is the targeted optimization of the system. In the early years, Google even made efforts to develop Android 3.0 system for tablet computers. In recent years, Google has been more inclined in system development. Android Tablet has become more and more like a large size. Take a look at the iPad pro1. There will never be targeted design to improve productivity attributes and give better play to tablet performance

systems and software are the soul of hardware products. The history of WP has proved that hardware products without soul will never last long

attacks from competitors and Google itself

the advantages of Apple iPad are not only in the tablet application ecology. In terms of performance, the performance of the chip with X suffix dedicated to tablet has been the best in the field of ARM processor for years in recent years. Even the iPad with only A9 chip has exceeded that of many Android tablets in 2017; In terms of the most advantageous price of Android tablets in the past, apple did not hesitate to give in. The prices ranged from 2000 to 5000 yuan. This product line coverage combined with a better experience of iPad directly made most Android tablets at the same price lose their competitiveness, making many Android tablets like Amazon and Xiaomi lose their vitality by staggering their positioning with apple at low prices

in recent years, the emergence of the two in one windows tablet represented by Microsoft surface has made the Android Tablet, which is inherently deficient in productivity characteristics, worse, and further squeezed the living space of the Android Tablet

if the attack of competitors is not fatal enough, the measures taken by Google will undoubtedly have a stronger impact. Previously, Google opened its support for Android applications on its Chrome OS, which enabled many cheap notebooks or deformable books equipped with Chrome OS to replace Android tablets, and they also had stronger productivity attributes

however, although the overall market size is shrinking, Android tablets still account for 60% of the market after all, and there are still manufacturers such as Huawei and Amazon that have bucked the trend. Although the total volume of the tablet computer market is less than one tenth of that of smart, there are still 160million to 200million shipments per year. If manufacturers are willing to do a good job, In this part of the market, it is still possible to stop the slippage and fracture of samples and make achievements in the fixture. I am afraid that if Google also adopts a laissez faire and half give up attitude towards the tablet ecology in the future, the Android Tablet that looks stiff and immortal will sooner or later be eaten away by the products of other camps

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