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GPS has experienced a "Shanzhai" development, and 80% of the GPS pirated maps sold in the market have been noisy for a year. The "daodaotong" v. Kailide infringement case, which has been debated in the domestic GPS industry in addition to being adjusted according to the Convention, has come to an end recently with Kailide losing the lawsuit and paying 10million yuan in compensation. However, the matter was not over. Kailide claimed to appeal, and the two companies began a war of words

On June 30, the intermediate people's Court of Foshan City, Guangdong Province made a judgment on the case of "daodaotong" accusing Kailide of infringing its navigation electronic map intellectual property rights: the defendants Kailide Kailidexin and the two companies that produced and sold its products immediately stopped infringing the intellectual property rights of the plaintiff Beijing Changdi Wanfang Technology Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of ruitu Wanfang), destroyed its unsold infringing products, and sentenced the defendants Kailide and Kailidexin to compensate the plaintiff Changdi Wanfang for the economic loss of 10million yuan and bear all the litigation costs of the case, And in the "China Surveying and mapping daily" published a statement to "daodaotong" public apology. Subsequently, the media reported that Kailide would appeal to the court

recently interviewed wanjunfei, head of marketing department of Changdi Wanfang, who said, "it is normal for Kailide to appeal, but we have not received the notice of their appeal officially issued by the court." At the same time, Wan Junfei stressed that since the first half of 2007, the lawsuit has been hustling and bustling. Changdi Wanfang is only for its own intellectual property rights, hoping that its own labor achievements will be respected, and said that "10million yuan of compensation is not the focus". In his opinion, GPS is a new industry in China. Knowledge 7. Structure: intellectual property has not been paid attention to by everyone. This lawsuit is a reminder

80% of the GPS products sold in the market are installed with pirated maps.

Wan Jun Fei said that after their company's preliminary investigation in the retail market, 80% of the GPS products sold in the market are not installed with genuine maps. "About 8 of the 10 sets are installed with pirated or cracked maps". He revealed that the products of major companies and brands generally use genuine maps, but smaller dealers often do map cracking by themselves

it is understood that after purchasing GPS products, users need to obtain map data before they can use them normally. Generally, genuine maps can be sold in two ways: Retail separately with map data or bind map data with GPS products. The former is more likely to be pirated or cracked. The lowest point of the cable sample is about 100mm from the ground. Some insiders calculated an account. Based on the price of a set of map data and upgrading service offered by the map service provider to the GPS manufacturer of 400 yuan, the national GPS product market in 2007 was about 1.5 million sets, and the receivable interest of 48billion yuan was embezzled. It is estimated that if 2.5 million sets of GPS are sold nationwide in 2008, map service providers will lose 80billion yuan. It is understood that the durability of large-scale maps is the advantage of the experimental machine itself. Service providers spend hundreds of millions of yuan on map data collection every year

"Shanzhai" GPS emerged

according to the relevant person in charge of a GPS manufacturer using "daodaotong" maps, one of the reasons for the serious piracy of GPS maps in China is that there are too many GPs brands in the market, "just like Shanzhai". He explained that at present, the technical threshold for domestic GPS manufacturing has been much lower, and many system integrators have emerged, providing a large number of mature GPS product solutions, just like MediaTek in the "black" chain. These solutions have a high degree of integration, which is convenient for GPS manufacturers to quickly put their products into production. But these "Shanzhai GPS" basically use pirated maps

Wan Junfei also said to that at present, there are many white brand and public model GPS products in the market that occupy the market at a low price. "These enterprises mainly rely on quantity to maintain the company's operation."

domestic GPS has just started.

insiders said that the domestic GPS industry has just started. Compared with Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States and other regions, the domestic GPS application level is still far behind. The gap is mainly reflected in three aspects: first, the application of map data is insufficient; Second, the humanized design of the product is not enough and the operation is inconvenient; Third, product appearance and appearance design. GPS products in Japan are very interactive, and 3D maps are widely used

it is also reported that China Global Positioning System Technology Application Association has recently passed China's first self-discipline convention on the navigation and positioning industry - China Navigation and positioning industry self-discipline convention, which lists "intellectual property" and "industry image" as key protection objects. Map service providers such as ruitu Wanfang, NavInfo, and Kailide are members of the Council of the industry association. Hongwenfeng

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