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Guangdong Province develops green printing and strengthens the quality inspection of printing, reproduction and distribution industry. Guangdong Publishing Bureau held the 2012 Provincial Rural bookstore and printing, reproduction and distribution supervision meeting to convey the spirit of the relevant working meeting of the General Administration of publication and the spirit of the national rural Bookstore meeting, The evaluation results of the administrative law enforcement of printing and reproduction in Guangdong Province in 2011 were also reported

it was learned from the meeting that our province will strengthen the quality inspection in the field of printing reproduction and distribution, and create a healthier publishing market. The above is the operating procedure exhibition environment of the spring testing machine. The meeting also required the printing, reproduction and distribution management departments to clarify the main responsibilities, adhere to the high point positioning, and promote the printing and distribution work of the whole province to a new level

it is reported that at present, Guangdong has more than 20400 printing and reproduction enterprises, more than 12900 publication distribution enterprises and more than 1.1 million employees. The regulatory work in the field of printing, reproduction and distribution is facing a severe situation. The irrational layout of the industrial structure, the rise of industrial violations, and the great difficulties in daily supervision are all problems facing regulators. In order to strengthen supervision and management and promote the healthy development of printing and distribution, the meeting put forward several work priorities, including carrying out in-depth special actions, successfully completing quality inspection, strictly controlling annual inspection, implementing the law enforcement evaluation report system, improving the rural Bookstore project, and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading

it was learned at the meeting that this year, the printing and Reproduction Industry and quality inspection activities in our province were mainly carried out around teaching materials and auxiliary products related to teenagers and public food packaging and decoration printing materials related to people's health. Among them, vigorously developing green printing is a key task in the future. It is understood that in 2010, the General Administration of publication and the Ministry of environmental protection jointly established a leading group for the implementation of the green printing strategy, improved the green printing evaluation system, promoted the implementation of green printing standards among printing enterprises, and gave priority to the green printing of primary and secondary school textbooks. At present, there are more than 100 printing enterprises with green printing certification in China, including 14 in Guangdong, and a number of enterprises are actively applying. According to the relevant persons of the printing industry association, in the future, the printing of teaching materials and teaching aids will only be participated by enterprises with green printing certification, which may make the production of high-quality wax products a reality

Huang Ling, deputy director of the Provincial Publishing Bureau, said at the meeting that it was necessary to combine quality inspection activities with the ongoing "three strikes and two constructions" activities in the province, strengthen the investigation and punishment of problematic enterprises, and constantly promote the standardized operation of printing, reproduction and distribution enterprises. To welcome the successful convening of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and make due contributions to the implementation of the strategy of building a strong province through culture

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