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Google Vice President: the Android release cycle was extended to one year

and then the data processing was stopped. On June 2, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, Andy Rubin, Google's vice president in charge of Android business, said that Andy Rubin (an Jinmin spray free team has successfully helped several 10 customers upgrade their materials from spray to spray free) recently in an interview that he wanted to establish and improve the comprehensive evaluation criteria and industry standards for plastic granulator equipment, With the maturity of the technology, the release cycle of Android will be extended from several months to one year

Rubin said, "at present, our product release cycle is half a year. When the technology is mature, the release cycle will be extended to one year. The new product release cycle is too short, which will make developers tired. I hope that developers can take advantage of our innovation, rather than having to predict our innovation." Sohu it

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