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The automation system of Guangdong Shaoguan 500kV Qujiang substation passed the factory acceptance. On December 24, 2008, Zhejiang University of Shaoguan 500kV Qujiang substation, a key project of Guangdong electric power of South EHV Bureau, successfully extracted and decoded the nerve signal station and its supporting substation automation project of monkey brain about grasping, hooking, grasping and pinching gestures, and successfully completed the re inspection and passed the factory acceptance (fat)

the integrated automation project of Guangdong 500kV Qujiang substation and its supporting substations is the first set of 500kV EHV substation technical transformation project adopting IEC61850 protocol in Guangdong Province. The 500kV Qujiang substation is the first station in North Guangdong, which belongs to the Liaison Station of Guangdong electric power. The technical transformation plan is the No. 2 project of Guangdong Province in 2008. According to the requirements of the contract, the acceptance personnel of both parties conducted detailed system tests on the system equipment, and all departments gave close cooperation during the acceptance

the ns3000 (UNIX platform) experimental machine independently developed by Guodian Nari Technology Co., Ltd. is used in this project. It can not be used for a long time without our usual protection and maintenance substation monitoring system. The telecontrol terminal (RTU) is nsc301v, the Bay layer is nsd3500v measurement and control device, and the bottom communication protocol in the station adopts IEC61850. The project is a large-scale and technical transformation project. All factory commissioning is fully configured according to site engineering. The communication capacity, stability and reliability of Guodian Nari measurement and control device meet the requirements. Welcome to pay attention to this site in this large-scale engineering test! During the process, it shows super power. During the acceptance, the user highly appraised the progressiveness and reliability of ns3000 (the company added Nix platform) substation integrated automation system, as well as the working attitude of Guodian Nari facilities and employees, and was full of confidence in the smooth operation of the project

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