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Google purchases renewable energy in Taiwan to expand the size of its data center on June 28, Google will purchase renewable energy and expand the size of its data center in Taiwan, as well as support the U.S. government's plan to support the use of renewable energy

it is reported that Google announced to expand the scale of its data center in Central Taiwan in 2015. It is expected to build its own power plant, but now the company plans to purchase renewable energy from other sources. This quote quoted Gary Demas, director of operations for energy and positioning strategy in Google's data center

promote the use of renewable energy

in addition to purchasing renewable energy, Google hopes to help the Taiwan government establish a renewable energy certification system, which will promote the promotion and use of renewable energy

at present, with the development of new consumption formats such as Internet ordering in the Asia Pacific region, the renewable energy certification system makes it impossible for private enterprises to sell renewable energy to customers, and brings chaos and confusion to the renewable energy market

in April this year, Google invested in the establishment of a resource solution center. This kind of material is called microporous foam. It is a non-profit organization aimed at promoting renewable energy certification in Asia. The first work will start in Taiwan

this certification system will require the Taiwan government to amend its electricity law so that enterprises can purchase renewable energy from private companies

Google is the world's largest consumer of renewable energy. The company has signed a number of progressiveness and performance characteristics purchase agreements for renewable energy well cover pressure fatigue testing machines. At the end of 2015, the power capacity of renewable energy purchased at one time was up to 781mw. At present, the company's business strategy of "purchasing or using renewable energy up to excellent service" provides customers with a perfect use environment of 2gw

Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon have jointly established a renewable energy buyer alliance in the United States to promote the use of more renewable energy in the United States

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