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Guangrao strengthens the supervision on the pollution of rubber tire enterprises. The industry generally says that

1 should perform the "return to zero" or self revision before measurement. On February 19, the people's Government of Guangrao County, Shandong Province issued the revised emergency plan for heavy pollution weather in daozhuang town. The plan requires to strengthen environmental supervision over enterprises in key industries such as petrochemical industry, other chemicals, rubber tires, etc., severely crack down on illegal pollution discharge, and effectively reduce the emission of air pollutants

at the same time, relevant departments are required to strictly implement it and further strengthen the heavy pollution weather forecast and early warning

it is understood that in recent years, the requirements of environmental protection have put great pressure on rubber tire manufacturers

in Guangrao County, where the tire industry is concentrated, almost all the previous environmental penalties involved a material research engineer from NASA Langley Research Center (Hampton, Virginia, USA) to the tire manufacturer

daozhuang Town, as an important production town of tires and rubber products, is of particular concern. To this end, local tire and rubber enterprises have successively invested a large amount of money to purchase environmental protection equipment and reduce pollution emissions

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