How to make high-speed centrifuge shock absorption

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How to make the high-speed centrifuge shock absorber

there are two kinds of shafts of the high-speed horizontal screw centrifuge used in the laboratory: one kind of shaft is slender, which itself has greater flexibility, so it can automatically adjust the center. The other kind of shaft is relatively thick and short, and the bending deflection of the shaft itself is very small, but the layer by layer shock absorber still makes the working speed of the system above the critical speed, so the system is still a flexible system. Although it is also a flexible system, the difference between the slender flexible shaft and the shaft with greater rigidity when running block mineral resources is still tight lies in; The automatic alignment of slender flexible shaft is mainly achieved by bending the shaft, and the rotor rotates around its center of mass. We have the ability to promote the all-round development of the industry, while the shaft with greater rigidity realizes automatic alignment through the flexible relative displacement of various components in the whole rotating system

there are many factors that cause the vibration of high-speed centrifuges in our long-term production experiments and after-sales service. The vibration of centrifuge is one of the important signs to measure the performance of centrifuge. Generally, the following two methods can be adopted for vibration reduction: active vibration reduction and passive vibration reduction. Active vibration reduction means that the working speed of the centrifuge is far away from the critical speed of the rotating system in the design. In addition, action balance must be carried out during rotor processing. Passive vibration reduction is to separate the possible vibration from the frame and foundation with various types of shock absorbers

rubber shock absorbers can generally meet the vibration reduction requirements of high-speed centrifuges. When the structure of the shock absorber has been determined, the greater the hardness of the rubber, the higher the critical speed of the system. The shock absorber with too low hardness can not meet the requirements and is easy to be damaged

generally, in the design of centrifuges, active vibration reduction and passive vibration reduction are applied at the same time. For high-speed centrifuges, vibration reduction can generally be considered in three parts:

(1) the main shaft bearing seat is designed into a flexible vibration reduction type

(2) the whole drive system and the flexible connection of the rack must be operated under the guidance of skilled staff

(3) the spindle and motor are connected flexibly

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