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Nuclear power equipment manufacturing: how to go from exhibits to products

in recent years, with the rapid development of China's nuclear power industry, domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises have been involved in the field of nuclear power, and continue to localize nuclear grade materials and equipment, and broke the monopoly of foreign enterprises. At present, for the upcoming third-generation nuclear power market, these enterprises are not only facing new technological breakthroughs and capacity improvement, but also facing the continuous transformation of traditional corporate culture to nuclear safety culture. The purpose of this transformation is to ensure the stable mass production of products, expand and strengthen the industrial chain, so as to transform technical advantages into greater market advantages

for domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises, the current third-generation nuclear power market is an attractive cake. To share this cake and become a qualified supplier of nuclear power projects, we must meet the standards

recently, it was learned at the first annual meeting of qualified ap/cap suppliers of third-generation nuclear power that domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises have not only expanded their production capacity and improved their technical capabilities through their involvement in nuclear power equipment manufacturing in recent years, but also are beginning to change their corporate culture through the construction of nuclear safety management system. At the same time, the nuclear safety culture is gradually penetrating into all links of enterprise production and manufacturing, making enterprises gradually get rid of the situation that they can only make samples but not products

It is understood that in the AP1000 nuclear power project, because the equipment accounts for about 50% of the project cost, and it will experience the test of 60 years in operation, equipment manufacturing and supply are the most critical links in the operation of nuclear power plants

to obtain ap/cap series 5 The only domestic optical, electrical board, metal processing, shell adopt the market advantage of imported paint baking nuclear power technology. In terms of equipment supply, first, ensure reliable quality, second, reasonable price, and third, have a complete and good after-sales service system. Wang Binghua, chairman of the first batch of new energy vehicle body in white delivery technology company (hereinafter referred to as national nuclear power) of China Aluminum Institute of nuclear power, introduced

why establish a qualified supplier system? Zhang Fubao, director of the national nuclear power equipment department, believes that there are two reasons. First, due to the requirements of nuclear safety regulations, suppliers providing products must be evaluated and managed, and their ability to provide items and services of specified quality to nuclear power plants must be proved according to relevant evidence. Secondly, the third generation nuclear power has high technical requirements and difficult manufacturing processes, and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) standards should be fully implemented

ap1000 equipment is delivered according to the design. Enterprises participating in the construction of the global industrial supply chain must comply with the standard, which is the most basic requirement. We should also deliver products according to quality and time, because the adaptation of components can ensure the progress of the project. Once the construction period is uncertain, the power planning department and the owner will lose confidence in construction. Therefore, suppliers must deliver high-quality products that meet standards. Jack Allen, President of Westinghouse Electric Company in Asia, said

it is understood that the national nuclear power has eight quantitative evaluation indicators for the identification of qualified suppliers, including the overall situation, production and manufacturing, R & D and technology, quality management, logistics delivery, outsourcing procurement, financial status and service awareness. The qualification of the supplier shall be valid for three years and shall be reviewed upon expiration. Moreover, the dynamic management of suppliers will be implemented. If the enterprise is merged, the structural adjustment of larger products, and the qualification certificates of relevant industries are revoked, it will be re evaluated

in order to meet the requirements of higher standard design and stricter quality management system, the manufacturer's ability in equipment material design, equipment process, manufacturing process equipment inspection and verification, equipment identification and other aspects has been significantly improved. Zhangfubao pointed out that participating in the supply of third-generation nuclear power equipment will bring benefits to manufacturing enterprises, the nuclear safety culture of all suppliers has been rapidly improved, and the laws and regulations of the National Nuclear Safety Administration and other relevant nuclear safety regulatory departments have been strictly and effectively implemented

stable production capacity needs to be broken through

the information about insufficient landfill and combustion processing capacity of phase plastics shows that the equipment and material supply of the AP1000 project adopts a global framework system, with more than 200 Chinese and foreign manufacturers participating in it. A complete AP1000 equipment procurement supply chain has been basically formed, which provides a supply chain guarantee for the equipment procurement of standard 5, dynamometer main bearings that are not allowed to be refueled, and mass construction of subsequent AP1000 projects

does the basic formation of the above supply chain mean that domestic manufacturing enterprises have the ability to produce relevant equipment in batches and stably

in the view of foreign manufacturing peers, Chinese enterprises can only do exhibits, not products. The practical basis of this statement is that domestic enterprises can overcome technical difficulties through efforts, but whether they can ensure stable mass production remains to be confirmed

all enterprises have experienced a process of hard work. But one problem is that if the sample is well done, a batch of quantification is over. Yu zusheng, an expert of the national nuclear power expert committee, believes that the above situation is a common problem faced by manufacturing enterprises

zhangfubao pointed out that the current challenges facing the AP1000 equipment supply chain: the primary success rate of main equipment forgings needs to be further improved to ensure the production and manufacturing progress of key equipment; There are a large number of non conformances in the process of equipment manufacturing, resulting in the failure of equipment manufacturing to advance as planned; Equipment identification is carried out under more severe conditions and higher test standards are put forward, which increases the number of test items and lengthens the test cycle, seriously affecting the final delivery of equipment; The adaptability of manufacturing enterprises to AP1000 is generally insufficient, and they lack necessary preparation in technology, personnel, quality management and other aspects, resulting in poor contract execution

it is understood that the AP1000 main equipment adopts the overall manufacturing technology of large castings and forgings. The manufacturing process is difficult and requires high strength, high toughness and high purity. Wangbaozhong, vice president of China First Heavy Machinery Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as China first heavy), admitted that there had been problems of disqualification and high scrap rate in the manufacturing of nuclear power forgings for Sanmen No. 1 and Haiyang No. 1 projects. Shandong Nuclear Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shandong Nuclear Power Company), which is responsible for the CA type structural modules and equipment modules of the AP1000 supporting project, has also encountered unqualified module assembly at the Haiyang nuclear power site

relevant information shows that through the AP1000 supporting project, manufacturing enterprises such as China National Heavy Industry Corporation, China National Heavy Industry Corporation, Shanghai Electric Corporation, Dongfang Electric Corporation and Harbin electric heavy equipment Co., Ltd. have participated in the manufacturing of important equipment for the four units of the supporting project, and have basically had the corresponding capabilities. The next step is stability and reliability. Zheng Guangming, Dean of Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and design, pointed out

the implementation of nuclear safety culture needs to be accelerated

for the reality that only making exhibits can not make products, the person in charge of the manufacturing enterprise reached almost the same conclusion in the communication, that is, there is still a deviation between the construction of the nuclear safety management system and the implementation of the nuclear safety culture

the biggest problem is that the management was neglected at the beginning, especially in the past, nuclear safety culture was not paid enough attention to in traditional construction. Shandong Nuclear Power Company Li Jun said frankly

the transformation from traditional corporate culture to nuclear safety culture, during which the nuclear safety awareness of all employees is cultivated through various ways, is a road that manufacturing enterprises cannot bypass when making nuclear power products

wangbaozhong introduced that China National Heavy Industry Corporation Limited has been transforming from rolling mill culture to nuclear safety culture for about three years

the original leading products of Yizhong are metallurgical equipment, such as complete sets of cold rolling, hot rolling, etc. Because it is an integral equipment, if there is a problem in the manufacturing process, the manufacturing can be completed by modifying relevant parts, and you can be flexible in case of problems. However, if nuclear power products want to comply with and implement the ASME standard system, they must comply with the standards and procedures, which requires a change of concept. Wang Baozhong said, for example, when making AP1000 equipment, he sometimes wants to bypass problems and try to adapt, but foreign peers will point out that this does not meet the requirements of the manufacturing outline and cannot guarantee the quality and safety of the equipment. Now it seems that the regulations, standards and manufacturing outline were not well implemented at that time

the transformation of corporate culture cannot be completed in a short time. The leadership of an enterprise must first have this awareness, and then it can be promoted and implemented layer by layer. Wangbaozhong emphasized

Zheng Guangming pointed out that the key to nuclear power equipment manufacturing is a scientific quality assurance management system and rigorous scientific attitude. Once there is a problem, there must be a solution to ensure safety and product quality, so as to promote large-scale production. Only by realizing large-scale and batch production, can we ensure safety and economy

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