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How to make the appearance of goods attractive

Buddha depends on gold, and goods cannot be separated from packaging. According to the survey, most people usually choose goods with exquisite packaging when choosing goods. In ancient times, there was the saying that buying a coin for a pearl, although it was exaggerated, it was not groundless. Different goods are packaged accordingly, reflecting the coordination and perfection from wrapping to the outside. In the final analysis, packaging is also an art of beauty. Exquisite and elegant packaging shows the value of goods, just as a day's expensive sports car shows the owner's identity and crystal position. How to make the coat of goods more attractive? Look at the following points:

1. Transparent and windowed packaging

this kind of packaging form is popular in the international market. Transparent packaging can be fully transparent or partially transparent, such as some windowed carton packaging, cardboard blister packaging bags, etc. This package is mainly used for the packaging of high-end clothing, underwear, sweaters, handicrafts, etc. Using this kind of packaging makes it easy for consumers to directly observe the appearance of the goods, which shows that the quality of the goods is not vulgar, and it is easy to arouse consumers' desire and interest to buy. At the same time, the box surface of the outer packaging is equipped with a bad friction surface, which should be absolutely clean and beautiful patterns to interpret the extraordinary quality of the goods

2, gift packaging

gift packaging is to wrap and tie up the goods with special decorative materials to make the gifts look beautiful. The electronic universal experimental machine is a new generation of double space microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine specially designed for colleges and universities and scientific research institutes, which is generous, elegant, noble and unusual. Recently, gift packaging has become more and more popular. Among them, the packaging is outstanding in the moon cakes. The packaging of moon cakes every year is dazzling. However, in terms of the development trend, gift packaging must highlight its characteristics, interpret culture, be fresh and natural, seek change in simplicity, and show nationality in chicness

3. Personalized packaging

personalized packaging is mainly aimed at teenagers. With the improvement of teenagers' consumption ability, many businesses seize the psychological characteristics of teenagers' pursuit of novelty, fashion and alternative, and highlight personalization in packaging for teenagers

last year, rittersport chocolate products adopted an eye-catching three-dimensional design and a bold attempt to package, which made the products jump out of the industry quickly and obtain a gratifying sales industry. Among them, TPV products widely used in sealing strips and guide grooves have potential to be explored in the future market. This design box has a small window through which people can see the products, and the box cover adopts anti-theft design, which is full of charm in both color and shape

4, funny packaging

funny packaging, or humorous packaging, is also a popular sales packaging in the international market at present. This kind of packaging mainly adopts metaphor, exaggeration, personification and other techniques in modeling and decoration, as well as new cutting design, which increases the interest and humor of the packaging and strengthens the attraction to customers

for example, a beverage company in Taiwan printed a touching and poetic love story on the package of each package of drinks, which soon attracted many young men and women. They enjoyed the little story on the package while drinking drinks, which opened the market of the product. There is also a food company in the United States, which printed a riddle on the lid of canned fruit and noted that the answer to the riddle was at the bottom of the can after opening the can and eating

most of the interesting packaging is in children's products, such as cartoons on the packaging. Shaoxing specialty Jiafan wine and fennel beans are also packaged with fun. The packaging container is a bamboo tube with a Shaoxing "fellow countryman" face painted on the Jane and a Shaoxing felt hat. It is not only rich in local characteristics, but also humorous, and has great appeal to consumers and tourists

at the same time, commodity packaging should also pay attention to:

1). The logo is unique, simple and generous, including but not hair.

the logo of the packaging of each article must be beautiful and unique, the pattern must be vivid, and the text must be elegant and harmonious. It is like the name of a commodity. Its logo can be seen in the important positions on the packaging of world-famous brands Adidas, Nike, Olay, GuZi, etc

for enterprises, the theme of trademarks can be almost taken from everything in the universe, which undoubtedly provides a space for trademark designers to gallop. Clouds, wind, snow, rain, lightning, stars, mountains, rivers, whether animals, plants, symbols, numbers, patterns, as long as they are concise, bright, beautiful, and artistic appeal, they can become excellent trademarks that attract consumers and meet their aesthetic requirements, giving people the enjoyment of beauty. At the same time, we should pay attention to the elegance of language, avoid obscure words and sentences, and coordinate with the nature and characteristics of the goods represented. For example, if a small animal or plant trademark is embellished on the chest of a garment, unexpected results will be achieved

therefore, the logo design on the commodity packaging must be unique and novel to highlight the commodity and let consumers remember the "name" of the commodity

2). The use of color in packaging

people often use colorful colors to describe the rich color of the goods we are in contact with. When facing the market and attracting foreign products, it largely depends on beautiful, harmonious and rich colors. We must pay attention to the problem of color in product design. Color in the image of the whole product, if handled well, can coordinate or make up for some deficiencies in the shape, so that it can play the role of icing on the cake and get twice the result with half the effort. On the contrary, if the color matching of the product is not coordinated, it will make people feel boring, boring, indifferent, and even tearful. Therefore, color must be selected according to the performance of the product in the packaging, so as to achieve harmony and unity and make people pleasing to the eye

generally, the following points should be referred to when determining the packaging color:

a. using warm colors has a warm effect, and using cold colors will make people feel lonely

b. Warm colors with high chromaticity can make people feel exciting, while cool colors with low chromaticity can make people calm

c, bright colors are full of festivity and morning colors

source: Beijing Shuangjie packaging products Co., Ltd

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