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What are the top ten brands of Langfang glass factory? What are the good Langfang glass manufacturers? Langfang glass factory top ten brands, Langfang glass manufacturers ranking list

glass manufacturers ranking list 1: Langfang Maxus thermal insulation building materials Co., Ltd.

Langfang Maxus thermal insulation building materials Co., Ltd. is subordinate to Fuyou group company. Our company is a large group enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. The company is located in Hebei Dacheng, the capital of thermal insulation and building materials in China, in the golden zone of Beijing Tianjin Hebei Bohai economic circle, with superior geographical location and convenient transportation. The company has strong technical force and advanced computer automation production equipment, implements scientific management, and organizes production and sales according to standardization. The annual output of the company: 300000 cubic meters of rubber and plastic insulation materials, 220000 cubic meters of polyurethane insulation boards, 180000 tons of rock wool boards, 100000 tons of glass wool products, and its auxiliary materials and chemical products

it has played an excellent application effect of our products in national key construction projects such as national stadium, children's playground, public rental housing, low rent housing, China office building, SamSung China branch, and has been highly praised by users. In the field of civil construction, Maxus has carried out extensive cooperation with many large and medium-sized real estate developers, construction enterprises and home decoration companies that pay attention to building quality, established long-term strategic cooperative relations, and gradually formed a sales network with Beijing market as the core, radiating the surrounding areas and facing the whole country. With professional production technology, rigorous management and excellent equipment, With a high-quality marketing team and construction team, the company strives to create high-quality environmental protection and energy-saving products, and makes unremitting efforts to pursue the continuous and extensive brand influence in the field of global new building materials. The company has always practiced the core values of "integrity, humanism, standardization and innovation", With the mission of "dedicating energy-saving products and forging national brands", click to view more details

glass manufacturer ranking 2: Bazhou Shuncheng glass tempering deep processing

Bazhou Shuncheng glass tempering deep processing, taking the processing of raw glass as the guide, and then taking technology as the base stone, after more than ten years of training and efforts, it has finally successfully launched a series of high-quality products, and now products are all over the country, cities and regions, Deeply trusted and praised by users

the company is a large-scale glass deep processing base integrating procurement, design, production and sales. The company has high-quality managers and professional technicians, more than 100 employees, and has large-scale modern glass deep processing equipment, which can provide users with applicable furniture glass, furniture tempered glass, door and window tempered glass, and hot bending tempered glass,. A strict and effective quality control system has been formed within the company. Based on the combination of years of practical experience and science, the compound use performance of product quality has been established. The company's operators have reached a consensus with all employees, and continue to improve and innovate. Our factory produces mm various types of tempered glass, round glass and various types of furniture glass, Welcome to visit our factory, click to view more details

glass manufacturers ranking 3: Beijing Zhongyue insulating glass materials Co., Ltd.

Langfang Xingyue insulating glass accessories Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, and the company continues to grow in size, becoming the largest professional manufacturer of insulating glass accessories in northern China. The company mainly produces and operates: hollow glass aluminum spacer strip (polished aluminum strip), aluminum decorative strip, molecular sieve, hollow rubber, butyl rubber, supporting corner insert and other series of products. Its aluminum bar model (4mm-25mm), thickness (0.2mm-0.4mm in smart textile field) can be processed and produced according to user requirements. Our company has advanced equipment, exquisite technology, complete modern detection means and high level. In order to meet the needs of market competition, improve competitiveness, and greatly improve the performance and scope of application of the original products, we firmly stand on the side of users and friends in terms of after-sales service. The above products are reliable in quality and low in price. You are welcome to choose them. We will serve you wholeheartedly. Click on the growth of China's plastic machinery industry, which has ushered in the golden age of Komen's growth and rapid growth. See more details.

glass manufacturers ranking 4: Jinzun Co., Ltd.

our company is a professional manufacturer of tempered glass and various engineering decorative glass. The company focuses on the processing, design, R & D and manufacturing of glass products, and can provide high-quality and satisfactory glass products that meet the needs of users. It has been 10 years since the establishment of the company. We have strictly followed the standardized operation of modern enterprise management mechanism and established our own production and manufacturing center, quality control center and marketing service center to escort the experience of users and ensure the innovation ability and quality stability of products. Our company has a high-quality production and manufacturing team with rich industry experience. In terms of management, through rigorous and scientific management, the company optimizes the allocation of customer orders, shares factory resources, and processes every customer order on the same day, greatly shortening the processing cycle. Insist on delivering every order in advance. We always adhere to the concept of honest management, and strive to make every customer satisfied. In terms of talent technology, we have professional production, manufacturing, sales service, installation engineering personnel. These excellent employees have many years of industry work experience, and ensure to click to see more detailed information

glass manufacturer ranking 5: Bazhou Huabiao Furniture Co., Ltd.

Bazhou Huabiao Safety Glass Co., Ltd. is located in the northern golden triangle, 80 kilometers north of the capital and 100 kilometers west of Baoding, 40 kilometers away from Tianjin in the East, Detian's unique environment and geographical advantages have given the enterprise development. Huabiao's production scale is leading in the industry. The company has a production workshop area of 150000 square meters. It has Italian intermark high-precision cutting machine and processing center, Luoyang north glass 6000*2440 double chamber tempering furnace and Randy 8000*2440 tempering furnace; The company has passed ISO9001:2000 quality management certification and national CCC safety glass certification; It has been rated as a quality trustworthy unit, a famous trademark of Hebei Province, a giant enterprise in Bazhou city and other honorary titles. Click to see more details

glass manufacturer ranking 6: Bazhou shengchangmao Glass Furniture Co., Ltd.

shengchangmao furniture tempered glass products Co., Ltd., located in the center of Beijing Tianjin Baotou three places, and connected to the Beijing Kowloon Railway in the west, It is adjacent to Tianjin Baotou Expressway in the North (2000 meters away from the export of Shengfang), with convenient transportation, developed economy and outstanding people. After 16 years of unremitting efforts, the company has developed into a large-scale deep processing enterprise with an annual output of more than 1.1 million square meters of flat and curved glass. The company has passed the ISO international quality management system certification, and passed the 3C certification of China safety glass. Its main products (2mm-19mm) are all kinds of furniture glass, large flat and curved building glass Shower room glass, insulating glass, laminated glass, household appliance glass, etc. The products sell well in more than 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country, and have won the trust and praise of major merchants. In 1998, our company introduced the latest large-scale flat and curved tempered glass automatic production line in China, advanced production equipment, perfect enterprise management system, strong technical force, and worked tirelessly to produce more and higher quality products. Click to view more details

glass manufacturer ranking 7: Langfang Xinyuan Aluminum Co., Ltd.

Langfang Xinyuan Aluminum Co., Ltd. has been growing in size since its establishment in 1990. The company has three branches, including Xinyuan aluminum material factory, Xinyuan high frequency welding aluminum strip factory, and Xinyuan hollow glass accessories factory. It covers an area of 18000 square meters. Langfang Xinyuan Aluminum Co., Ltd. is the largest professional manufacturer of insulating glass accessories in China. It has many varieties, complete specifications, excellent quality, and integrates production, processing and sales. It is a private enterprise with the highest market share. Langfang Xinyuan Aluminum Co., Ltd. mainly produces insulating glass aluminum spacer strips, insulating glass composite adhesive strips, molecular sieves (desiccants), butyl sealant, supporting corner inserts and other series products. The company produces three major varieties of electrolytic aluminum spacer, ordinary aluminum spacer and aluminum decorative strips without cooling for most of the screw barrels. Its models (4mm-25mm) and specifications (0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm) reach more than 50 kinds. It can be processed and produced according to user requirements. Our company has advanced equipment, exquisite technology, complete modern detection means, high-level and high-quality middle and high-level technical backbones, advanced management level, and the economic and technical indicators of all products have reached the advanced level of the same industry in China. We click to view more details, and click to view more detailed introduction

glass manufacturer ranking 8: Dacheng County Yan Jiawu Yongqiang hollow glass accessories factory

main sales, desiccants, butyl rubber, Corner inserts, glass gaskets, butyl rubber strips and other supporting products. The manufacturer directly sells ordinary aluminum spacer strips, bright ordinary aluminum strips and bright bendable aluminum strips. The company is located between Beijing and Tianjin, with superior geographical environment and convenient transportation. It specializes in the production of all kinds of tempered glass. The company has certain strength, including two unilateral machines, one bilateral machine, several special-shaped machines, one water cutting machine and its own tempering furnace, For all kinds of glass deep processing can be processed. The company is based on good faith and customer needs, making friends at home and abroad for common development and creating brilliance. Click to see more detailed introduction

glass manufacturer ranking 10: Bazhou Xinzhang boaot furniture factory

mainly deals in tempered glass, with all kinds of glass toughened with incoming materials, complete production varieties, and advanced glass cutting technology. It can cut all kinds of special shapes. arc. Arc. Square bar glass; Double straight edges are also available. Round edge. Trim. Curved edge. Edge grinding process. Drilling and other deep processing, and our factory is equipped with silk printing machine, color painting machine, UV machine, mirror plating machine, decal machine, and professional pattern art designers. Silk printer. Painted. Painting technician. We provide you with customized flower pattern design and monochrome. Two colors. Multicolor overprint and printing products with high difficulty. The silk screen pattern is clear. Colorful. Clear hierarchy. Firm and beautiful, the factory relies on its own strength, honest life, honest work, firm reputation, and has achieved good development in the fierce market competition. All employees will become the services of all sectors of society. Click to see more detailed introduction

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