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How to make plates directly (Part 2)

in addition, KBA and Scitex have jointly launched karat direct plate making system on the machine; Ryobi and pressek jointly launched Ryobi 3404 Di; Akiyama adopts pressek's integrated infrared laser scanning head Profire to launch jprint perfector series in-machine direct plate making system; Screen introduces truepress in machine direct plate making system

dicoweb in-machine direct plate making system jointly launched by MAN Roland and creoscitex is the most typical example of using thermal wax transfer imaging technology. When making plates, there is a color band with carbon black thermal sensitive coating (thermoplastic resin) (about 7 μ M thick) in contact with the plate cylinder of the offset press, the carbon black coating is transferred to the plate cylinder under the action of infrared laser heat energy to form an oleophilic image area. The oleophilic image area is cured on the surface of the drum after a short time of high temperature treatment (about 160 ℃), with sufficient printing strength. The roller surface in the non graphic area has appropriate hydrophilicity after short-term hydrophilic treatment

after printing, the ink and hot wax transfer layer on the surface of the printing plate cylinder can be removed with a special cleaning solution under the action of the cleaning belt. The biggest feature of this system is that it no longer uses the printing plate that implements the traditional form of "seamless connection" between upstream and downstream enterprises, and there is no need to replace the printing plate. Therefore, both the printing plate cylinder and the blanket cylinder can be designed as a seamless cylinder, which is very beneficial to reduce the printing noise, reduce the instability of mechanical movement, and improve the effective area and quality of printing

spray on polymer launched by Agfa company can also build the same imaging system. It is said that it is currently in the experimental stage, and it is estimated that new systems will appear in the near future. Some people mistakenly call this system "no edition" printing, which is obviously not accurate. This still belongs to the category of plate printing, and there are still plate making processes and corresponding consumables and costs. The cost of a single page of printed matter will gradually decrease with the increase of the number of prints, which has all the high-strength chemical resistance characteristics of traditional plate printing. However, this technology uses a non-traditional form of printing plate. For users (users), there is really no feeling and operation process of using printing plate

from another point of view, it can also be said that the current on-line direct plate making system can be divided into two types: the system that uses traditional form of printing plate and the system that does not use traditional form. At present, there is a misunderstanding that the in machine direct plate making system is called digital printing machine. This misunderstanding is particularly easy to occur in the in machine direct plate making system that does not use the traditional form of plate printing. Strictly speaking, digital printing machine should be the printing equipment used in digital printing, which should meet the following requirements:

(1) the final image formation process is digital

(2) no edition in the true sense

(3) 3 wire tension testing machine and universal joint adopt 10 pin structure to realize variable information printing

obviously, these two on-line direct plate making systems cannot meet the requirements of these conditions. Therefore, the corresponding equipment can be described by terms such as "direct imaging printer" and "on-line direct plate making printer", but it is obviously inappropriate to use "digital printer"

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