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How to produce professional hardware spraying assembly line

how is the production line of professional hardware spraying made, "U30dd7o"

how is the production line of professional hardware spraying made

prepare plastic powder, paint and color according to customer requirements (i.e. factory order requirements), and wear protective articles, such as masks, gloves, goggles, etc. The former has low production efficiency and high labor intensity, while the latter is suitable for large-scale continuous production with high production efficiency. The main technical and economic indicators have reached the advanced level at home and abroad, and there are supporting technical guarantee measures. The specific requirements for reliable operation are: try to adopt mature advanced technology or technology, products and materials verified by the demonstration project, lay a reliable foundation for continuous and safe operation, have the supply and guarantee foundation of important spare parts and consumables, prepare the operating procedures of industrial dust collectors, and establish a software guarantee system for the orderly operation of industrial dust collectors. Coating products vary in size, some are large objects, some are small objects. It shall be able to realize automatic monitoring of constant temperature and humidity. Train professional technicians and on-the-job personnel, implement the system of on-the-job personnel holding certificates, scientifically organize the operation, maintenance and management of industrial dust removal equipment, rely on high technology, simplify the process, optimize the structure, realize dust removal, reduce the weight of the main body, effectively reduce the equipment cost, adopt advanced technology, and scientifically reduce energy consumption and operating costs; Organize the deep work of dust removal and purification, comprehensively utilize the benefits, and improve the integrity and utilization rate of the dust collector, so as to facilitate the management of the specific requirements of safety and environmental protection: necessary safety facilities: walking guardrails and handrails, safety power supply facilities, explosion-proof facilities, anti gas and anti asphyxiation facilities, thermal expansion elimination facilities, safety alarm facilities, eliminate secondary pollution and transfer: the emission concentration of the dust collector must be within the environmental emission standard, The dust concentration in the operating environment must be within the hygienic standard; In the process of dust pollution control, if Yang dust can be used twice, it will be transferred to other pollution. The cooling water used for cooling, which is composed of air valves, comes from the cooling tower air conditioning equipment. The degree control system is a complete control system. Until the paint film is flat. Small molecular impurities (free acids, etc.) are carried away with the anode solution through the anode film. Here, we want to remind you to pay attention to these problems. Wet touch wet spraying damaged parts. At this time, the air pressure can be adjusted appropriately, and the pulverization effect is not ideal. The function of the plastic spraying machine is to remove and clean the rust on the surface

filtering. Or the fluidization pressure is too low. Paint the surface of the workpiece. use. It is mainly used for metal surface coating. Mobile paint is a multifunctional UV paint in modern mobile paint. It has high coating efficiency and low labor intensity, and can form a continuous production line. The operators of the automatic spraying assembly line are required to carefully check the list before operation, and select the corresponding colors according to the customer number, which will also improve the vehicle's endurance and sports performance. The pressure of shot peening powder may be too high. Electrostatic spray molding machine technology appeared in the 1960s. The noise of the dust collector exceeds the health standards and environmental standards. The dust (dust) collected by the dust collector should be comprehensively utilized. The automatic spraying assembly line should do a good job of soot blowing and dust removal, check and clean the door frame surface and the door frame surface, and wipe it with 100 pieces of paint cloth (dust cloth) to ensure the cleanness of the door and the door frame. Thin appropriately. Too much powder. Thick film can be sprayed at one time

carefully check the door panel and frame for damage or pits. Brought in from the previous process: the pretreatment of qualified body in white is not completed, and the welding slag and grinding dust on the body exceed the cleaning capacity of the pretreatment, and some of them remain on the surface or inner cavity of the body in white and enter the electrophoresis tank. Gas supply section. Make charged paint particles form directional movement. If not. Clean up or contact the manufacturer to replace the powder suction pump in time to solve the problem. It has the advantages of high coating utilization rate, less coating volatilization, dual nozzle and two-component coating. The summary of the flow coating multi power UV paint production line is that if large objects are coated, they will be sent to the baking room for further work. Current sharing section. The anode can form a high-voltage electrostatic field with the vehicle body. If any problem is found, please mark it on the label and inform the hanger in time. The performance of alternative materials shall be equal to or higher than the performance required by the equipment design. The burrs at the corners of white objects and small iron filings and particles produced at the grinding place are very sharp. Mix the discolored alkyd enamel (the same color as the finish coat of the whole vehicle) evenly

the substitution of the main materials of the equipment must be approved by the original design unit, and the secondary materials can be determined by the construction unit according to the requirements of 2. Material acceptance 1. Materials should be attached with quality certificates. When a white object is wiped with a wiping cloth, the fiber of the wiping cloth is scraped off and left on the object. Wipe dry. Replace qualified powder with dry powder. Good corrosion resistance. Before the operation of the automatic spraying assembly line, in addition to the above precautions, the pendant workers of the automatic spraying assembly line should pay attention to ensure that the hanger is firm and reliable after hanging. For multi-color continuous spraying, the distance and color should be clearly marked so that the operator of the automatic spraying line can change the workbench and powder. After entering the site, the materials shall meet the requirements of standards and design documents before they can be used for equipment production. Silencing section. High degree of automation, less micropores in the coating. Some workpieces will produce oil and rust due to long-term storage. Dry with water. In industrial production. The coating recovery rate can reach 98%. The suspension transportation system. We can expand fluidization enterprises. Supplementary spraying of alkyd or perchloroethylene primer (the color should be close to the color of the finish coat)

good spraying effect determines the beauty of the product surface. Intermediate effect filter section. Therefore, increasing the static voltage and the charging capacity of the powder is conducive to improving the charging rate of the powder. Wipe off the foam. The steel surface is not allowed to have obvious rust or scratch. The curvature of the profile should ensure the possibility of straightening with tools simply based on the inspection practice of several years. Generally, the above precautions should be paid attention to when working on the production line of coating equipment. The free powder can be recycled. Make full use of automatic spraying line. The spraying material is solid powder. In 2011, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. launched -- service notes for the commissioning personnel of the experimental machine. The charging amount of the active powder coating is directly proportional to the electric field intensity E. Caused by wet powder inclination or poor powder quality; If the pump is blocked or damaged. The allowable deviation is 1/1000 of the length, and the total length is not more than 5mm. The allowable deviation of local unevenness of steel plate and flat steel after correction is within 1m ≤ 5mm. 4. The surface of steel pipe is not allowed to have flattening, dents, cracks, slag inclusions, sand holes and other defects, and the stainless steel pipe is free of scratches and rust spots. Paint waste gas treatment method paint spraying waste gas is mainly composed of two parts, one is liquid paint mist, the other is gaseous volatile organic compounds. These two kinds of paint waste gas treatment methods are also different. For liquid paint mist, a paint mist removal device. It is divided into plate anode and tubular anode. It comes from the spraying process condition 1 of the plant (castor oil seed) that can be continuously planted. The static voltage can be seen from the formula

anode solution storage tank and auxiliary components. Automatic or manual + automatic. The stacking height shall not exceed 4 layers. Fan section. Insufficient on-site management of pretreatment: improper maintenance and adjustment of pretreatment spray cleaning system, such as nozzle blockage, improper adjustment of nozzle angle or insufficient spray pressure. Blanking 1 plate blanking adopts cutting, and profile blanking adopts grinding wheel cutting or sawing to remove burrs. This may be due to low fluidization pressure., Clean the car body well. The powder coating packing box shall be placed on a wooden board isolated from the ground. However, for insoluble volatile organic compounds, mature industrial technology should still be the "activated carbon adsorption + photocatalytic oxidation desorption combined waste gas purification system". The main treatment methods of paint waste gas are as follows: activated carbon waste gas purification and treatment device activated carbon waste gas purifier is a dry waste gas treatment device, which is composed of a box and adsorption units filled in the box. According to the number and air volume of adsorption units, different specifications can be combined; The activated carbon waste gas purifier can treat various waste gases by selecting different fillers, which is mainly used to purify the waste gas with the concentration of organic waste gas such as paint lower than 1000 mg/m3. The purified waste gas should meet the GB integrated emission standard of air pollutants. The equipment is an activated carbon adsorption device, which is used together with the activated carbon regeneration system (using nano photocatalytic oxidation device). The main advantages of the invention are high adsorption efficiency and low operation cost, It is easy to maintain and can process all kinds of mixed waste gases at the same time. 2. Due to the renewable characteristics of activated carbon, the activated carbon desorption device can be used to regenerate and recover activated carbon (the desorption medium can use steam) under the conditions of large amount of activated carbon, high concentration of waste gas and short adsorption saturation time of activated carbon. Using the activated carbon desorption device can not only save the operation cost, but also recover the adsorbed waste gas, Avoid secondary pollution. In principle, gas cutting is not used for blanking. The phosphating slag in the phosphating tank is deposited on the body surface, which is brought into the electrophoresis tank after insufficient subsequent cleaning, and small particles will appear on the paint film after electrophoresis. Secondary heating (dehumidified hot water distribution boiler). If gas cutting is used, the cut must be grinded or grinded by a grinder. In the case of solvent-free recovery, the photocatalytic oxidation activated carbon regeneration device can also be selected to regenerate and recover the activated carbon. The nano photocatalyst material (GC-100) at the core of the device is a kind of material that produces catalytic reaction on its surface after absorbing light energy, and its function is similar to plant chlorophyll. The spraying method can be manual

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