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Compare Tianlong power amplifier PMA

Tianlong power amplifier pma-800ne avr-x2600h x1400h avcx8500 is one of the most popular power amplifiers in Tianlong. The main difference is that the time to market and power are different, and other functions and performance are similar. The following is a collection of the latest experience, price and configuration of using Tianlong power amplifier pma-800ne, which may help you choose to refer to

I. how about Tianlong pma-800ne fever hifi pure power amplifier

this denon/Tianlong pma-800ne fever hifi pure power amplifier has a good sound effect. As recommended by the evaluation article, this power amplifier is planted behind. At the first sight of arrival, it feels good. The old speaker at home is revived, and it is effortless to push an 8-inch speaker. The high tone is strong, and the bass is thick. Listening to European classical music has a good sense of sound level. I'm ready to start a Tianlong dcd800, which may be better at that time. Friends in need, please click here to view more details of users' comments on advantages and disadvantages

II Price quotation of Tianlong pma-800ne fever hifi pure power amplifier:

denon/Tianlong pma-800ne fever hifi pure power amplifier sound high-power lossless amplifier

[at the selling price] 3870.00 yuan

[the pull range behind the coupon is 10n-500n is enough price] 3770.00 yuan


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III. configuration parameters of Tianlong pma-800ne fever hifi pure power amplifier:

Product Name: denon/Tianlong pma-800

IV. Tianlong pma-800ne fever hifi pure power amplifier other user comments: if the qualified number is greater than the minimum qualified number r required in the table, the verification experiment passes

1. The power amplifier has solid workmanship, practical functions, and new technology. It is a cost-effective machine. The tri band is obvious, dynamic and rich, easy to retract and play, very satisfied and praised

2. After choosing for a long time, I decided to choose Tianlong power amplifier. The initial burning stage should be enough. The box hasn't arrived yet. I listened to the small Utopia for a try. The control is good, the low frequency is thick, and the high pitched is bright

3. The view is very fashionable. You can complete all the experiments required in the standard. The volume key is a little big, and the sound quality is very satisfactory. The bass is very prominent, the middle and high pitched are well resolved, and the ear is very fierce! Tmall view more popular model recommendations

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