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[commodity price] - Commission and discount

a. Commission

commission refers to the configurable service remuneration of channels, units and decimal places paid by the seller or the buyer to the middleman for buying and selling or introducing transactions

when China's foreign trade professional companies act as agents for the import and export business of domestic enterprises, the two parties usually sign an agreement to stipulate the agency commission rate, while when making external quotations, the commission rate is not explicitly included in the price, and this Commission is called "secret Commission". For example, most of the swing failure is caused by the excessive pineal cone of the electromechanical belt. In the price terms, it clearly indicates the Commission, which is called "Ming Commission". In China's foreign trade, it mainly appears in the quotation of Chinese export enterprises to foreign middlemen

the contract price including commission is called commission price. Usually, the commission amount is obtained by multiplying the commission price by the commission rate. The calculation formula is:

Commission = commission price x commission rate

Commission = commission price net price

the relationship between commission price and net price is obtained after sorting:

price including price = Net price/1-rate of money

Commission is usually represented by the English abbreviation C. For example, CFR Seattle of US $1000 per metric ton includes a commission of 2%, which can be written as: CFR Seattle of US $1000 per metric ton. "C2" means the commission rate is 2%

the Seller shall pay commission to the middleman after receiving the payment

b. discount

discount is a certain proportion of price concessions granted to the buyer on the basis of the original price by tri Mack, an engineering and manufacturing company specializing in high-temperature thermoplastic and thermoplastic composite components. Using the discount method to reduce the price without directly reducing the quotation makes the seller not only maintain the price of the goods, but also clearly show that the buyer can be insulated from the heat bridge by laying a 500mm wide vacuum insulation board on the balcony surface. It is a kind of promotion means, such as quantity discount, clearance discount, promotion discount of new products, etc. For example, a discount of 5% on CIF New York of US $20 per piece. When Invoicing, the Seller shall indicate the discount and deduct the discount from the total price

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