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Compared with foreign painting enterprises, Chinese painting enterprises should...

compared with foreign painting enterprises, Chinese painting enterprises should...

June 18, 2019

recently, a series of problems such as supply interruption, environmental protection inspection, acquisition... Why foreign brands are strong and so on often come to mind. "Learning without thinking is useless, thinking without learning is dangerous". Work hard, starting from clarifying the gap! Let's try to share our recent simple ideas on the development of China's coating industry with friends in the industry for discussion based on the dynamic observation of foreign coating industry in recent years

timely release new material industry policy information. The Ma market in Europe and the United States is very active. It occurs in all walks of life, and the phenomenon of reorganization and merger in the coating industry is also very frequent. In the 10 years from 2007 to 2018, their industrial manufacturing, light vehicle sales, construction investment, retail industry and housing operation rate have increased year by year, only the unemployment rate has decreased year by year. The sustainable development of the above industries has strongly driven the development of their coating industry Ma market. Large coating enterprises are engaged in professional restructuring among themselves. Medium-sized enterprises are busy absorbing and annexing small enterprises, while small enterprises are committed to the wear-resistant experimental machine, which produces "X" friction through the rotation of a pair of friction wheels, and strives to be bigger and stronger in scientific and technological innovation. Taking aishide as an example, in 2013, automotive coatings accounted for 83% of the company's product share, and non automotive coatings accounted for 17%. Through continuous absorption, merger and integration, by 2020, the company's automotive coatings business will retreat to 75%, while non automotive coatings will rise to 25%...

compared with foreign countries, What China's coating enterprises need to do more is:

some sections of the other three easily blocked lines in the direction of leaving Beijing also open the traffic jam mode

(1) correctly understand that science and technology are productive forces, earnestly attach importance to technological research and development and technological innovation, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprise products are issues that regular coating enterprises must pay attention to. The technical management of coating enterprises should adhere to the "quantitative easing" performance evaluation policy, and focus on the "quantitative" management for the maintenance of technical impact samples; For innovative technology work, we should focus on "loose" management, that is, long-term "quantitative" and short-term "loose". Increasing investment in science and technology is a painful and happy thing for entrepreneurs. Sino US trade frictions have given us profound enlightenment. To mobilize the enthusiasm of scientific and technological personnel, enterprises should achieve scientific management, do not let such "honest people" who are immersed in business suffer losses, and let them devote themselves to scientific and technological innovation

(2) the product strategy must be subject to the development strategy of the industry or enterprise. The development direction of coating products in China, of course, must first meet the needs of safety, environmental protection and coating consumption market, adhere to the concept of sustainable development, make full use of its own advantageous resources, and choose a product route suitable for China's national conditions. At the same time, we should also have an international vision and development pattern. Through the observation of the American coating industry, the author believes that, on the premise of following the national environmental protection policy and meeting the quality requirements of users, the coating industry should pay attention to considering the advantages of China's raw material resources, design and develop sustainable coating products with integrated advantages, and do not stop at the low-level discussion level of who should develop better in water-based and solvent-based. Specifically, we should pay attention to the development of green (deep processing of vegetable oil), environment-friendly (high solid, water-based, UV), long-term (low volatile emission products according to LCA life cycle assessment), intelligent and economic products

(3) on the whole, the equipment in China's coating industry is far from the real level of digitalization, informatization and automation. In reality, some domestic enterprises are still at the workshop level. Although the labor dividend in China has not completely faded, it will not last long. Relying too much on manpower makes the repeatability of product quality poor, the market positioning unclear and wavering, and the product quality fluctuation risk formed restricts the improvement of enterprise customer satisfaction and brand for a long time, and then puzzles the development of enterprises. To realize the digitalization, informatization and automation of equipment, we must first start with standardization

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