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Looking at cosmetics packaging (IV)

based on the above situation, combined with the development trend of cosmetics and its packaging, the packaging of modern cosmetics has the following characteristics in the selection of packaging materials and containers, the structural design of packaging containers and the decoration design of packaging containers:

1. Plastic materials and composite materials are used more and more widely in cosmetics packaging, packaging containers, In particular, the plastic bottle design tends to be diversified

2. The use of glass bottles is limited. Due to the inherent shortcomings of glass bottles (such as heavy weight, fragile, etc.), for general cosmetics, if plastic materials or composite materials can be used to replace glass containers for packaging, plastic containers or composite containers are often used for packaging, while for high-end cosmetics or cosmetics that are volatile and easy to lose fragrance, such as perfume, etc., glass bottles are generally used for packaging

check the damage of parts and replace them. 3. Diversify the specifications of packaging containers to meet different consumption levels. Due to the intensification of competition in the cosmetics market, manufacturers have invested more and more in cosmetics packaging. For middle and low-grade cosmetics, in order to meet different needs, the capacity of packaging containers is diversified to facilitate consumers' choice; For high-end products, special engineering plastics are used in household appliances in relatively small capacity to meet the needs of low-income people, especially to meet the consumption psychology of young girls due to curiosity

4. Serialization of cosmetic packaging design. The so-called serialized packaging design refers to the packaging design of the same category of goods based on the premise of unified trademark patterns and text fonts, with different tones, water lines or different modeling structures as the keynote. It requires that there are differences in the same, and there are similarities in the differences, which is both diverse and holistic. This time, I will share with you the structure and operation method of concrete pressure testing machine. In the practical application of regular cleaning and replacement of torque motor and pilot valve cosmetics packaging, there are generally two cases. One is that cosmetics with the same brand and different functions are packaged in a complete set of serialization to facilitate consumers' purchase, while making the overall price lower than the total price of separate purchase. For example, a series of cosmetics of a brand should maintain the overall design style, and then use larger containers to package all kinds of cosmetics as a sales unit for overall sales; The second is: a series of cosmetics with the same brand, the same main function, but different auxiliary functions, or a series of cosmetics with the same brand, the same function, but different formulas, in the packaging design. For example, the main function of a variety of moisturizers of a brand is skin care, but the auxiliary function is different. Another example is a variety of facial cleansers of a brand, whose function is facial cleansing, but the formula is different. For this series of cosmetics, the packaging design should conform to the characteristics of serial packaging design, which not only achieves the function of serial packaging, but also is conducive to the choice of consumers

5. The packaging of cosmetics should meet the needs of personalized development. The packaging of cosmetics must correctly convey the characteristics of cosmetics required by different consumer needs, and express the aesthetic interests of different groups, so as to successfully realize the sales of cosmetics

6. Some cosmetics such as mousse, perfume and other products adopt spray packaging and other packaging forms to facilitate the use of consumers. The packaging of cosmetics pays more and more attention to the structural design of containers and the design of accessories, so that consumers can easily hold, take and quantify in various environments

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