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How to cooperate with salesforce on Microsoft's own CRM

Microsoft and salesforce have reached a new partnership. Few Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers and partners want to know what the future of Microsoft's own CRM products will be

over the years, Microsoft has been catching up with salesforce, the CRM market leader, with dynamics CRM products and services. So when the Microsoft Dynamics team heard that Microsoft CEO Satya NADELLA said that we would bring the leading CRM application into windows devices, whether it is PC or PC, it was somewhat strange, because the leading CRM application here refers to salesforce products, not Microsoft Dynamics CRM

on May 29, Microsoft and salesforce announced that they had reached a partnership through a salesforce 1 CRM application for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.1. This application is under development and is expected to announce the test (4) card loading samples by the end of this year; Trial edition. (it is not clear from the announcement who will build and support this application, and whether Microsoft needs to pay for salesforce under this agreement.) the two companies also announced that they will continue to integrate office, office 365 and salesforce marketing cloud products

Microsoft released its own dynamics CRM application for Windows Phone and windows 8 in the autumn of 2013

Kirill tatarinov, executive vice president of Microsoft Business Solutions (dynamics CRM and ERP Department), said in a blog post yesterday that Microsoft and salesforce will still be competitors, but also partners. According to his blog post:

salesforce shapes the industry with its recognized leadership and delivers applications in the cloud. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the fastest-growing product within Microsoft and shows no signs of slowing down, because we continue to innovate and make progress. We use all Microsoft technologies to deliver flexible, easy-to-use, end-to-end solutions, which allows us to control the huge opportunities that affect global enterprises

tatarinov also pointed out that Microsoft will launch the spring 2014 CRM update code named Leo next week. Selected users and partners began to see this update late last week

in addition to this spring update and the internally deployed dynamics CRM 2013 Service Pack 1, Microsoft will also launch social listening, which will reach 500000 component applications every year by 2018. It is based on the acquired netbreeze technology and Microsoft Dynamics marketing, and is a micro soft marketing automation application

marc Benioff, CEO of salesforce, said that rce in the enterprises that salesfo has not taken back will use Microsoft azure cloud for some testing and development, but will not put any core CRM applications or services of salesforce on azure. Salesforce's heroku platform runs on Amazon's AWS, and continues to do so. Although Beni's domestic machinery products have a certain international comparative advantage, off said

Microsoft Dynamics CRM online is not hosted on azure at present. (dynamics CRM can run virtual machines on azure cloud windows server.) But Microsoft is using azure as the basis for some newer CRM related components. A Microsoft spokesman confirmed that social listening is running on azure. And Microsoft Dynamics marketing is using azure storage

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