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Compare and introduce Smith water purifier nh1300v, nl1200d, nh1500w, which is good? Is there a big difference in models?

Smith water purifier is a hot seller. The three models should belong to Smith water purifier nh1300v, nl1200d, nh1500w. Many friends are asking Smith water purifier nh1300v, nl1200d, nh1500w, which is good? Is there a big difference in models? Let's take a look at the detailed differences and the comparison of the first-hand experience and feeling evaluation as follows, which may help friends who need Smith water purifier n to choose for reference

first, what's the difference:

Smith water purifier nh1300v, nl1200d, nh1500w the main difference is that the time of market is different. This Smith water purifier nh1300v is the latest on the market. Second, the rated water output is different. Nh1300v is 78l/h, nl1200d is 60l/h, nh1500w is 90l/h. Other configurations and functions are poor. Based on this reason, it is generally not enough to buy special equipment. We choose according to our own needs Go to Smith water purifier tmall flagship store to check the latest quotation

II. Comparison of personal experience evaluation:

1. Smith water purifier nh1300v:

reference price: ¥ 4828.00 (click to check tmall activity quotation "exemption of state-owned capital income of backbone coal enterprises in the next three years")

experience: finally, you can get rid of the chlorinated tap water and drink straight. The water purifier is very easy to use, with fast water discharge, low sound and large flow. I'm very satisfied

2. Smith water purifier nl1200d: we try every means to develop it

reference price: ¥ 4148.00 (click to view tmall activity quotation)

cl k: clock input signal end physical experience: after a long time, I finally decided to choose Smith. I feel that I didn't choose the wrong one, the big brand is still trustworthy, and the workmanship of the machine is very good, The taste of water is also very good, and it is also very convenient to use. The attitude of the door-to-door installation master was also very good. I was very satisfied with a shopping trip

3. Smith water purifier nh1500w:

reference price: ¥ 5678.00

experience: there are two babies at home. For health, I choose to install a water purifier. After watching it for a long time, I finally bought Smith. The installer is serious and responsible. The machine water flows out quickly. The water that used to smell like bleach has no taste now

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