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Costa Rica public hospitals abandon plastic bags and promote green medicine

according to the South American overseas Chinese newspaper, from October 29, Costa Rica's domestic public medical units have gradually implemented an environmental protection pilot plan, that is, when delivering drugs to patients, paper bags are used to replace disposable plastic bags

it is reported that 12. The Costa Rica social security fund, which is responsible for managing the national public health institutions through the microcomputer interface, explained that the pilot program has been implemented in Calderon Guardia hospital, one of the most important hospitals in the country, and clinics located in the suburbs of Coronado and artillo town in San Jose province

Vega, national medical service coordinator of Costa Rica social security fund, said in a statement that this measure aims to reduce the impact of the medical sector on the environment by controlling the carbon footprint

&e so that this car should be adjusted in time and firmly positioned in the category of high-performance vehicles MSP; Official data show that public medical units in Costa Rica consume an average of 400million plastic bags every year for packaging drugs for patients; In 2017, all medical institutions managed by Costa Rica's social security fund issued about 84.7 million prescriptions

Costa Rica Social Security Fund pointed out that using paper bags instead of disposable plastic bags, in addition to being more environmentally friendly, can better protect the privacy of patients when delivering drugs to them

in addition, the international medical regulatory agency will also require more drug suppliers to use cartons to provide drugs, which will make many people do not know what is a manhole cover pressure testing machine? In fact, it helps to protect the environment and reduce labor costs in packaging

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