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The photovoltaic industry began to usher in a period of acceleration

under the pressure of environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, the new energy industry dominated by photovoltaic has developed rapidly. The country is very awesome in terms of policy. In the "2015 photovoltaic power generation construction implementation plan" issued by the national energy administration, it is proposed that the annual new photovoltaic construction target is 17.8gw, and the construction scale of roof distributed photovoltaic power generation and all spontaneous self use ground distributed photovoltaic power generation projects will not be limited. Industry insiders pointed out that with the development of the industry, the next 5-10 years will be an era when Bayer can solve the problems of brands in product design, process innovation and environmental performance. The whole photovoltaic power generation will move towards parity power. After 2025, photovoltaic power generation will become one of the cheapest power sources

technology is the foundation

at present, the output of photovoltaic products made in China, including oxidation, electrophoresis and casting production lines, has ranked first in the world, and the industry leader has been committed to getting rid of the mode of low-end manufacturing industry relying solely on cost advantage to survive. The progress of science and technology has almost become the goal of the industry

at the founding meeting of China photovoltaic power investment and financing alliance and 2015 China photovoltaic investment and Financing Forum (hereinafter referred to as the forum), Zhu Gongshan, executive director and chairman of poly GCL, said that the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry largely depends on the efforts of the industry itself, and the foundation of industrial development is science and technology. He hoped to further promote photovoltaic technology and further promote the popularity of the industry through this platform, Accelerate the research and application of efficient technology products. Only with technological progress can we improve the standards of the market, eliminate and weaken production capacity, and create a good environment for industrial development

Liang Zhipeng, deputy director of the Department of new and renewable energy of the national energy administration, also said at the forum that 3 Comply with the national gt/t2611 "general technical conditions of experimental machines" and the national metrological verification regulation jjg139 "tension, pressure and universal experimental machines" standard photovoltaic manufacturing specification conditions, rolling adjustment technical standards, and strict inspection and certification. In addition, we will implement the "leader" plan, clarify the standards of advanced technology products, and organize the construction of national demonstration bases. Through the guidance of advanced technology, standardize the technical threshold and eliminate backward products

Li Hejun, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of hanergy Holdings Group Co., Ltd., pointed out that technology is the core competitiveness of the photovoltaic industry. "It should be admitted that in many industries, China's technology is not as good as that of developed countries, but this conclusion cannot be applied to the photovoltaic industry in general. In photovoltaic technology, China is not only a member of the world's leading camp, but also has occupied the world's leading position in many key technologies." Li Hejun said that Chinese photovoltaic enterprises have ranked in the forefront of the world in terms of technology through independent innovation, introduction of technology, technology trade and mergers and acquisitions

promising power generation prospects

the industry is generally optimistic about the market prospect of photovoltaic power generation. Liang Zhipeng stressed that photovoltaic power generation should participate in the power trading market and expand market space, and distributed photovoltaic should establish the rights of power sellers. Promote development through reform. Photovoltaic power generation should participate in the power trading market and expand market space. For distributed photovoltaic, we should explore the establishment of prefecture level distributed power market and establish the rights of distributed photovoltaic power generation enterprises to sell electricity. Build a new energy micro enterprise combining distributed photovoltaic and natural gas distributed power generation

policy is also conducive to the prospects of photovoltaic power generation. Yang Weihong, deputy director of the power distribution planning and design center of the state power Beijing Institute of economics and technology, said that the new power reform will boost the development of power distribution. The strategic action plan for energy development clearly puts forward the development goals of new energy, and the future wind power and solar power generation will maintain rapid development. The new electricity reform will be more conducive to promoting the development of distributed photovoltaic. In the whole power construction, the society is concerned about whether the electric energy can fully absorb photovoltaic. Yang Weihong analyzed that from the perspective of electricity, the consumption of national electricity is the main goal according to the national requirements. However, there are great differences in power generation, transmission and distribution, especially in big cities such as Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai. Compared with Paris and Tokyo, there is still a big gap. The construction of power distribution in the West lags behind, and even there are areas without power. In this way, the development maturity of the whole electricity and the degree of access to new energy are also different

Yang Weihong said that the State Grid Corporation of China actively responded to the national call and proposed to strengthen the entire distribution construction. First, to meet the rapidly growing load demand under the new normal; The second is to meet the access and demand of the rapidly developing distributed energy; Third, improve the demand for electricity to meet the rapid economic and social development, as well as electric vehicles, energy storage, etc. (1) clean the samples before each experiment, and meet the diversified new load demand. Under this new demand, power distribution construction will usher in a rapid stage of development

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