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It takes three to five years for the photovoltaic industry to recover.

in 2013, the photovoltaic industry should not expect to get back on track. It has taken about five to six years for the photovoltaic industry to go from sophisticated to well-known. This huge foam is destined not to burst in a short time, and it will also take three to five years to complete the road of capacity reduction

the symbol of the completion of capacity reduction is the bankruptcy of listed enterprises, which first requires local governments to stop interfering with large enterprises and continue to transfuse blood to large-scale enterprises that have no technological advantages for the time being. In 2012, Suntech, Savills, Hairun and other photovoltaic enterprises received various cash subsidies from governments at all levels. In 2013, these enterprises are difficult to continue to benefit from the government and can only rely on self-help

can photovoltaic enterprises really save themselves? The answer is no, it's hard! Today's photovoltaic listed enterprises are in a dilemma. They can't raise the product price, reverse the losses of their main businesses, and can't immediately create a new business model to obtain profit returns; Retreat, enterprises and local governments are unwilling to accept this result as a last resort, so "dead support" has become the way for all enterprises to survive

the space for the improvement of photovoltaic power generation technology and cost reduction is approaching the limit. With the reduction of production capacity, another embarrassing phenomenon is breeding. At the beginning of 2013, affected by the rising price of polysilicon silicon, the prices of products such as battery chips and components also rose, and there was a long-awaited dawn. However, the price rise or not in order to seek the rise of "low VOC (volatile organic compounds)" materials, it is difficult for China's photovoltaic industry to turn around, because the rise in product prices will lower the market demand. Taking the lead, in 2013, China's polysilicon made a ruling on the "double anti" of the United States, South Korea and Europe, which will certainly impose a high tax rate of about 40%. When Li Xinhai was familiar with the production principle, utilization and future product technology development trend of other new energy material products, the dumping momentum of foreign polysilicon enterprises has converged, leaving a larger market space for domestic enterprises. At the same time, the price of domestic polysilicon is lower than the cost line. In 2013, with the reduction of the external dependence of module battery enterprises, the increase of domestic polysilicon price is a high probability event, which will put greater pressure on module and battery enterprises. Second, China's photovoltaic module exports continued to decline in 2013, and there is little room for price improvement. The production capacity is becoming smaller, and the external market demand is also becoming smaller. Domestic photovoltaic enterprises have no capital to compete for the board for the time being. In 2013, the European and Japanese markets continued to be closed to Chinese enterprises. In addition to the possible hoarding and rush loading in the first quarter, China's photovoltaic industry will usher in a substantial reshuffle in the second, third and fourth quarters of 2013, and a large number of photovoltaic enterprises, including listed enterprises, will withdraw from the market. China glass () department

the utilization of economically recycled thermal insulation plastic building materials in the buildings of the United States, Japan and other countries has been 10 points mature. In April 2021, China Chengdu Construction Expo talked with you about new opportunities for the industry lignin/polyethylene (PE) and other

in 2020, with the outbreak of the global epidemic to the effective control of the prevention and control of the domestic epidemic, the global economic pattern has also undergone great changes, and China is pursuing [details]

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