The hottest photovoltaic industry is in recession,

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The photovoltaic industry is in recession, and there are few European solar photovoltaic exhibitions.

on the afternoon of the 26th, Frankfurt continued the rainy weather of the previous few days. On the square in front of the Frankfurt Exhibition Center, rows of bare flagpoles stood in the drizzle, and the 27th "European Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition" was being held in the exhibition center

at about 3:30 p.m., there are almost no people on the square and at the gate of the exhibition center. If it is not for the reminder of the sign above the gate, passers-by may have difficulty knowing that an exhibition is being held inside. "The situation today is better than yesterday, and yesterday was even colder!" Chen Jing, who is in charge of purchasing affairs in a German enterprise, said, "from the first two days, I personally feel that the number of visitors is at least 30% less than that of the last exhibition in Hamburg."

"European Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition" has both meetings and exhibitions. In terms of scale, it is indeed not comparable to the international solar energy technology trade exhibition, but the lack of popularity of this exhibition must be related to the current "double anti" investigation against Chinese enterprises. Zhou Fulin's team is committed to the theoretical research and engineering utilization of the new technology system of "interlayer isolation" and "three-dimensional isolation", Chen Jing said

on September 6, the European Commission announced that it would launch an anti-dumping investigation on photovoltaic panels, photovoltaic cells and other photovoltaic modules imported from China. This has also become a cloud shrouded in the exhibition. On the booth of Jiangsu sirafe Photovoltaic System Co., Ltd., the staff specially used the computer screen to print the words "do not anti-dumping, but fair trade". Xi Juntao, the executive general manager of the company, said frankly, "the ruling of the United States on the" double anti "is surprising, so the" double anti "launched by the European Union this time still makes Chinese enterprises feel very heavy."

the desolation of the exhibition is not only due to the lack of visitors. It is difficult to find solar energy giants at the exhibition site. C. Suntech, Yingli and other C. check the tightness of the screw drive chain every 6 months. Several of China's largest solar energy enterprises are collectively absent from the exhibition. "It is conceivable that if all Chinese manufacturers do not attend the exhibition, more than half of the exhibition hall will become empty," Xi Juntao said

Xi Juntao said that as a manufacturer, of course, he is willing to sell at a high price, and the final price is the result of market competition. In the market competition, there are participants from various countries, but the "double anti" is only aimed at Chinese products, which is unfair. He also said that without Chinese photovoltaic products with lower prices, the development of new energy in Europe may be far from the current level. "It is hoped that both parties can sit down and discuss and reach a" win-win "rather than a" lose lose "result of" providing our customers with what to do when the inverter of the single column tensile testing machine has problems. "

Chen Jing said that the price of components in Germany is much higher than that in China, and the procurement of his own German enterprise from Chinese photovoltaic enterprises accounts for about 80% of the total procurement. "Double anti" will make many enterprises unable to buy cheap and high-quality products, and many companies in this industry will reduce personnel or even close down, which will have a negative impact on the entire solar energy and new energy industry. He said: "in fact, solar energy is to serve the public, so I think providing it to the public at a reasonable price so that everyone can afford it is actually the ultimate goal."

Stefan Kraut, director and senior consultant of the photovoltaic research institute in Berlin, said that the so-called "double reverse" was actually initiated by several companies that lost competitiveness in the international market. Although rock blocks and rock masses have the same geological prehistoric environment, "double reverse" will inevitably lead to the rise in the price of photovoltaic products, including solar modules, and the decline in the competitiveness of solar energy compared with other forms of energy, He is completely opposed to this

the 27th "European Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition" opened on the 24th and will last until the end of the 28th. In addition to the exhibition, the organizer will also hold a number of photovoltaic industry seminars. Zhonghua glass () Department

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