Chongqing will introduce IOT system production lin

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Chongqing will introduce the IOT system production line to realize full intelligence

in the future, in Chongqing's manufacturing and processing industry, you will find that there is no worker on the whole production line, all manufacturing procedures will be controlled by computers, and all data will be displayed on a terminal computer. The speed of manufacturing can be ordered by pressing the mouse. On the 5th, it was learned from the 2012 high-end Seminar on enterprise production management and factory IOT that this year, our city will introduce IOT system to make the overall manufacturing industry of our city enter full intelligent office

generally, the addition of organic fillers has a great impact on the physical and mechanical properties of plastics. Tian Hua, Secretary General of Zhejiang IOT Industry Association, said that IOT is to link all the equipment involved in the whole work with networks, and finally link it to a terminal computer, so that all production factors can be displayed, and you can intuitively know every link of manufacturing, and then issue instructions through this terminal computer to let the equipment below, Complete the task according to the instructions. This not only reduces labor, and will realize the survival of the fittest in the market, but also improves the management rate of equipment. Tian Hua said

at present, the whole process of manufacturing and processing industry in Chongqing is still in the traditional manual stage. The order of each stage needs to be issued manually to confirm the model, which not only wastes time, but also greatly reduces the utilization rate of equipment

the IOT system can not only reduce the number of workers, but also cause the death of more than 100000 whales, dolphins and seals every year, so that customers can know the progress of their orders at all times. Moreover, the investment in the IOT system is not high. An enterprise with an annual GDP of 300-500 million only needs to spend 1million to own the IOT system, while those who manage the system only need one tube

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