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The photovoltaic industry does not need to place too much emphasis on the improvement of the competitiveness of the right to speak

when it comes to the competitiveness of China's photovoltaic industry, it is analyzed that China's photovoltaic products face the passive situation of "double anti" in Europe and the United States. Many articles always mention the lack of the right to speak in the market. It is believed that the global competitiveness of China's photovoltaic products is the first, and China should have a greater say in the determination of the global market price. When it comes to the competitiveness of China's photovoltaic industry and the analysis of the passive situation of China's photovoltaic products in the face of both Europe and the United States, many articles always mention the lack of voice in the market. It is believed that the global competitiveness of China's photovoltaic products is the first, and China should have a greater say in the determination of the global market price. Since China's rapid economic growth, it seems that mastering the pricing power of bulk commodities has become a national dream

statistics show that in 2011, China ranked first in the global market share of 50 major products and services, including shipbuilding industry, household air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and solar cells. It's really a disgraceful thing to win so many first places without the right to speak. The reason is that different industries, improving the energy utilization efficiency of plastic granulator process and preventing and controlling environmental pollution are complementary, and there are different answers; In the photovoltaic industry, the author has the same feelings as others, but has different perceptions

The general explanation of price discourse power refers to the participation, expression, initiative and even dominance of market actors in price formation in market transactions. It is the initiative, key, decisive, authoritative and influence in price formation. As a result, the Chinese people formed the view that the zeolite that can adsorb creatinine is mixed into the resin: as long as the production of a certain product is dominant in the market, it should have the right to speak; If not, we should strive for it

in other industries, with the improvement of China's industrial environment, we should strive for more voice; In the photovoltaic industry, there is no competition at present. Because the photovoltaic industry is not a completely market-oriented industry, the size of the market is determined by the size of government subsidies, and the price is affected by the price of different government subsidies. Theoretically, countries with high subsidy prices and large installation volume should have more say in price. For example, in July 2012, Japan set the subsidy price of photovoltaic power generation at 42 yen/kWh, and the global photovoltaic product resources are tilted there, so the price influence of the Japanese market will undoubtedly be great

of course, one day another country's subsidy will become the largest, and the photovoltaic market price of this country will naturally become the most influential. This country may even be a country with not necessarily the most developed economy and the highest degree of marketization. Therefore, in the photovoltaic industry, we don't need to overemphasize the right to speak at present

it's really painful to have no pricing power. The important reason for the loss of poly GCL in the first half of 2012 should be that the price can not be raised. Poly GCL has the best martial arts with the most global competitiveness; Recently, Trinasolar Co., Ltd., the world's best component manufacturer, has continuously proposed to unite to stabilize the market and list prices for readers to choose, but few of them are willing to shout out. In the period of industrial integration, before the determination of price has not formed a collective will, the decision-making power of product price is decided by those enterprises who fight against each other

in fact, China's photovoltaic enterprises have been fighting for the right to speak. Before the middle of 2011, Chinese photovoltaic enterprises were desperately expanding production capacity. Akro-plastic company 1 has been committed to independently developing plastic composite solutions to compete for the right to speak; After the middle of 2011, lowering the product price lower than others is also competing for the right to speak. In fact, over the past year, the sharp decline in the price of photovoltaic products in China has greatly affected the price of the global market, and the direct result is to advance the time on the parity of photovoltaic power generation by several years

the story of Chinese photovoltaic people's pursuit of voice is breathtaking, but the determination of price is not simply caused by manpower, but the joint action of various market factors. In April, 2012, China's Xinyu photovoltaic trading market, with an estimated investment of 1billion yuan jointly invested by Xinyu municipal government and Jiangxi LDK Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd., was opened. Its design scale may be unmatched in the next few years. However, its original intention to establish a voice is not what Xinyu and Saiwei said. The current business situation of this market is not ideal

in 2013, China has changed the situation of being at both ends of the world. I'm afraid no one can compete for the title of the world's largest photovoltaic power station construction country. It's not a dream to become the world's number one in terms of total output, like hydropower and wind power. With the largest production capacity in the world, I'm afraid China can't speak without the right to speak

there will always be a day when photovoltaic power generation does not need subsidies. As the most competitive country in the world, China should indeed scientifically plan the price discourse under the condition of full marketization. In addition to the continuous improvement of China's market economic system, the continuous strengthening of the market system of the photovoltaic industry should also be on the agenda, such as: cultivating the market system and establishing the price index; Strengthen the role of Finance and establish commodity futures; Improve the role of associations, strengthen unity of will, and so on. When the fully market-oriented photovoltaic industry comes, China should strive for a real voice

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