Chongqing will promote 100000 low-cost computers n

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Chongqing will promote 100000 low-cost computers next year

recently, the executive meeting of the Chongqing municipal government deliberated and approved the "opinions on giving play to the supporting role of science and technology so that oil enters the working cylinder through the oil pipe to accelerate economic and social development". According to the opinions, China will synchronously and parallelly launch the Pu layer raw materials adopted by 2.0, 3.0 and directcoating without any solvent 4.0, and the municipal finance will continue to invest 300million yuan to implement 27 major scientific and technological projects

the opinions revealed that Chongqing will implement the demonstration project of small-scale digital medical equipment into grass-roots health institutions

a. high precision pneumatic sensor: 10-50kn, pneumatic accuracy within ± 0.8%

specifically, one is to reduce the "sub" of some diagnosis and treatment equipment: such as ultrasonic treatment equipment, mobile ECG monitor, mobile energy storage medical high-frequency X-ray machine and other small production equipment

these small devices have become smaller and cheaper. Community hospitals can also be equipped with these devices to check patients. According to the arrangement, 10 community health service centers (township health centers) will be equipped with these diagnosis and treatment equipment next year; It will reach 20 in 2012

according to the opinions, Chongqing will implement the semiconductor green lighting application demonstration project. Next year, our city will apply 50000 LED lighting lamps on a large scale in highway tunnels, municipal roads, underground parking lots, hospitals and other fields

Chongqing will strive to be selected into the national "ten cities, ten thousand" demonstration city, and by 2012, the city will promote the demonstration of 100000 LED lighting fixtures

According to the opinions, Chongqing will implement the industrialization and application demonstration project of low-cost computers and develop low-cost computers so that primary and secondary school students in remote areas, rural grass-roots governments, rural economic cooperation organizations and farmers can also use computers

next year, Chongqing will produce and promote 100000 sets of such low-cost computers, and the production capacity of the city will reach 1million sets in 2012

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