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Now, the survival of the fittest has become a common livelihood rule for the door and window industry. Not only domestic brands are "fighting" heartily, but also an increasing number of brands have continuously participated in international competitions. With the advent of the era of large companies, it is necessary for door and window agency companies to break through the skill innovation and comprehensively improve the strength of the company if they want to live and work in peace and contentment

the era of big companies has come quietly

it is well known that both the real estate market and the furniture building materials mall are described as the connection between fish and water. If the real estate market is good, the furniture building materials mall will naturally be good. Such changes in shopping malls have a beneficial impact on the development of the door and window profession. Now the door and window profession " The strong are always strong and the weak are always weak " The Matthew effect of is produced in the adjustment period of shopping malls. Shopping malls wait for work, so that real brand companies stand down, so that those low-end companies that lack competitiveness can choose to transform. The obvious change is that now the brand concentration is getting higher and higher. Large companies still rely on brands and channels, and maintain a high increase, while some small door and window processing companies are beginning to show a forced picture

fake capital shopping malls get out of trouble

under the new economic normal, door and window agency companies want to grow from big to strong, whether from the transformation of skills and achievements, or from the innovation of business models, they can't do without the promotion of capital shopping malls. In particular, large companies now have valuable market capital and foundation. On the road to becoming stronger, they should play a leading role in promoting and leading the capital market, leading all occupations and attracting more surplus capital investment& quot; Innovation begins with skill and ends with cost;, This is an outstanding feature of global technological innovation in recent decades. Venture capital investment, mergers and acquisitions, and issuance and listing centered on the capital market provide a flexible and efficient market mechanism for the development and growth of the company

although doors and windows now encounter shopping malls " Cold reception "e;, Actual although " Bony "e;, However, the development space of door and window shopping malls is still very infinite. With the promotion of China's micro adjustment, the adjustment of the professional structure of doors and windows promotes the reorganization and combination, changes the current format of decentralized production in China, and improves the concentration of professional production. The era of large companies will certainly improve the economic benefits of companies, and show the trend of strengthening China's doors and windows in the competition of international shopping malls

accelerate the pace of international competition of companies

large companies will promote a new round of mergers and acquisitions in the s, and together will accelerate the pace of international competition of companies. In the process of globalization of corporate operations today, companies either have the capital to equip themselves globally or become the capital to be equipped by multinational companies. In order to continue to develop and grow, it is necessary to establish a global strategy in order to better participate in international competitions

it is necessary to innovate and improve surplus talents to participate in international business competitions. The door and window profession is in a critical period of skill upgrading and transformation. It is necessary to have a number of central skills with independent intellectual property rights, which can occupy the commanding heights of international skills and lead the trend of career development. In short, the central strategy is to let technological innovation lead the profession

conclusion: both domestic and international competitions are actually competitions of the company's strength. As long as the door and window agency company closely follows the current situation and adjusts its development strategy in time, it can meet the challenges of more shopping malls and continue to expand




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