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"Money is basically spent, and people are basically tired to death". This sentence seems to be full of ridicule, but it shows the weight of decoration in a family. In China, buying a house is a big thing, and decoration is not a small thing. Many people hold the mentality of "I must not make any mistakes in the decoration of the house I bought with hundreds of thousands or even millions", and it is this mentality that injects "stimulants" into the home decoration industry

like other industries, the rapid development of the home decoration industry has also led to many problems, which hide a lot of fishiness and make owners worried. However, the rapid popularization of the Internet and the emergence of "cloud decoration" have corrected the chaos of the home decoration industry to a certain extent and built a firewall for the protection of consumers' rights and interests

the expansion speed of home decoration industry is amazing

once, the arrival of the era of hardbound housing was considered to be an important symbol of the maturity of the real estate market, and the voices of "knocking down rough housing" and "ending rough housing" were higher and higher. The home decoration industry has indeed panicked, "where is the way for home decoration companies to ban rough housing?" However, it is not difficult to find that the pace of development of the domestic home decoration industry has not slowed down because of this storm. On the contrary, it has gone faster than ever in recent years

with the rigid demand of the new generation of post-80s and post-90s social groups for housing purchase, decoration and marriage, coupled with the rise of the real estate industry, it has greatly promoted the development of the home decoration market industry. According to incomplete statistics, the growth rate of the whole home decoration industry increased by 30% in 2013, and even reached 60% and 70% in some fields

people are not only enthusiastic about buying houses, but also have higher and higher conditions for housing... Various signs show that the domestic home decoration industry has entered the track of rapid development

"people are popular for right and wrong" is a lot of tricky

decoration is a typical service area with low consumption frequency but high customer unit price, which is also an area that is prone to mistakes. As the home decoration industry becomes hot, various home decoration problems continue to appear

"the enthusiasm for new houses is unabated, and the decoration is in a mess." Speaking of decoration experience, experienced citizens describe decoration as "delaminating". Leaving aside the trivial and time-consuming nature of the project, due to the strong professionalism of the decoration, many consumers can't understand and understand the details, coupled with some fishiness in the industry and the non-standard market, the growing disputes over home decoration make the owners miserable

in this regard, the person in charge of "geek Meijia", who first proposed the concept of "cloud decoration", analyzed that now there are various problems in the home decoration industry, and the whole industry must change. This change is not simply to let the traditional home decoration enterprises make adjustments, but to carry out the innovation of the whole industry to ensure that the rights and interests of consumers are protected

geek Meijia, a home decoration platform integrating design, decoration, building materials and furniture, has been committed to the "transparency" of the home decoration industry since its establishment, bringing new hope to the innovation of the industry. Its "cloud decoration" platform provides multiple guarantees for owners

"cloud decoration" builds a security firewall

"cloud decoration" is a decoration platform provided by geek Meijia to eliminate many worries of users, so that users can know all the decoration process without leaving home. It can be called the owner's "decoration housekeeper". The biggest feature of this platform is that owners can enjoy the decoration service of "private customization" in a time-saving and worry-free manner, so as to avoid the greasy decoration process and ensure their own interests

industry insiders said that the launch of "cloud decoration" is another major change in the home decoration industry. On the one hand, it can protect the interests of the majority of owners, so that they can rest assured of decoration; On the other hand, it also greatly reduces the home decoration disputes and makes the decoration industry step into a benign development track

the success of "cloud decoration" highlights the importance of the Internet to the home decoration industry to a certain extent. Nowadays, home decoration and the Internet are inseparable. If the domestic home decoration industry wants to become more standardized, it is bound to "marry" with the Internet and promote the whole to usher in change





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