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This is another huge benefit! Don't say I didn't tell you in advance! Open your eyes and see clearly! There are surprises in the article

now there are huge benefits

don't say I didn't tell you in advance

open your eyes and see clearly

there are surprises in the article

that's right

Roland Sini Yunyang flagship store


welcome to the tasting

on October 27, on this special day, after several months of careful preparation, bearing everyone's joy, we jointly ushered in the grand opening of Roland Sini Yunyang flagship store

the activities on the opening day were still very low-key, with firecrackers, salutes, magic, dancing, singing and other performances taking turns. The scene was not lively, attracting many local people to stop and watch

Roland Sini doors and windows take high-end customization and quiet life as the concept; It aims at innovative design, exquisite workmanship and environmental protection of materials. Create a comfortable, harmonious and happy living space. Give the doors and windows to Roland Sini doors and windows and a professional and guaranteed team

at the event site, Roland Sini Yunyang flagship store prepared five surprise gifts for guests

first, there is a gift when you enter the store

during the event, you will get a beautiful gift when you enter the store

Second, the opening shock special offer

rs58 series multi-functional bridge broken casement window

rs80 series two track two leaf sliding door

opening special offer

the national limit of 1000 sets

remarks: special products do not participate in other discounts

Third, the opening triple upgrade

mute upgrade: free upgrade to 27a insulating glass Filled with inert gas (argon) (more energy-saving and quieter)

hardware upgrade: free hardware accessories imported from Germany (casement window products)

service upgrade: enjoy professional on-site measurement and design drawing services for free

IV. set one and return five

during the activity, customers who set more than 10000 yuan can get 5% cash back privilege, 500 for 10000 yuan, 1000 for 20000 yuan, and so on

v. during the opening Carnival award

activity, you can participate in the opening Carnival raffle of Roland Sini by paying more than 5000 yuan

activity time: October 27 - November 11

please consult the local Roland Sini door and window store for details of the activity





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