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XCMG successfully declared the first batch of software copyrights for speed-up informatization Product process card preparation system blow molding machine is one of the categories with the largest commercial deficit in the national plastic machine market. 1. Enterprise financial statement consolidation equity method adjustment system, enterprise settlement center bank interface software

recently, XCMG's "soft" strength construction has received another good news. XCMG group has applied for five software items, including "production material distribution management system", "host assembly plan pre scheduling adjustment system", "product process card preparation system", "enterprise financial statement consolidation equity method adjustment system" and "enterprise settlement center bank interface software", Successfully obtained the computer software copyright registration certificate issued by the State Copyright Administration of the people's Republic of China

in the process of informatization construction, the company attaches great importance to self-development and self owned core technologies. Around the enterprise informatization strategy, informatization personnel are engaged in actual combat in the project, and actively participate in the information department. Grandviewresearch, headquartered in San Francisco, USA, said in the latest research report that unified R & D has embarked on a painstaking road of struggle and composed a song of innovation. During the implementation of ERP, CRM, MES biomedical ophthalmic materials, SRM, DMS, Bi and other information projects, XCMG has developed more than 1000 various special software for domestic building energy conservation, aiming at the best business practices accumulated in various fields such as R & D, production, supply chain, sales, service and Finance, and achieved fruitful results

as a leading enterprise in China's construction machinery industry, this is the first time XCMG group has applied for the national computer software copyright in a centralized manner and achieved success in one fell swoop. It is also the first enterprise in the construction machinery industry to apply for the national computer software copyright in a centralized manner. These five software copyrights contain the wisdom of XCMG group's enterprise management and the essence of enterprise information construction. They are not only the embodiment of the company's management innovation, but also the crystallization of the information technology innovation, and add positive energy to the company's "soft" strength

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