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The first batch of undergraduate students majoring in artificial intelligence in Shanghai will enter the campus

explore the way of AI talent training by taking advantage of their traditional advantages

in the coming new academic year, the first batch of undergraduate students majoring in artificial intelligence in Shanghai will step into the School Park, which is inseparable from the national promotion of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. According to the list of newly approved majors released by the Ministry of education, 35 colleges and universities nationwide have obtained the first batch of "artificial intelligence" undergraduate major construction qualifications, including Shanghai Jiaotong University and Tongji University

yangxiaokang, executive vice president of Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University, revealed that the curriculum of artificial intelligence specialty is different, emphasizing not only the foundation of mathematics, but also the interdisciplinary with neuroscience, as well as the application orientation of enterprise tutors

"no matter how the application of artificial intelligence changes and develops in the future, students can master the six foundations and 'share with many experts the development trend of future insulation technology, which remains unchanged and should change'." Zhang Wei, deputy director of the Department of control science and engineering of Tongji University and head of the artificial intelligence specialty, said that in the set curriculum framework, the lowest and most basic courses, including mathematics and brain supply chain, still need to improve the academic foundation; Then there are control theory basis, computer basis, electronic technology basis 16, displacement control rate accuracy: within ± 0.2% of the set value, and intelligent basis including machine learning and deep learning

in Tongji University, artificial intelligence majors have established an educational talent system like a pyramid. Undergraduate level, mainly relying on the control science and Engineering Department of the school of electronic and information engineering; Rise to graduate level, and be undertaken by the interdisciplinary of intelligent science and technology, giving full play to the synergy and composite advantages. Shanghai Jiaotong University has set up the wuwenjun honorary doctoral class of artificial intelligence named after academician wuwenjun, the winner of the first national highest science and technology award, focusing on cultivating potential leading talents in the field of artificial intelligence and further improving the mode of continuous training of artificial intelligence talents

according to Zhang Wei, the "Tongji" artificial intelligence specialty combines the traditional advantages of the University and realizes the long-term dream of giving human beings machine intelligence through autonomous devices and systems represented by robots and unmanned vehicles

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