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Henan's first biodegradable plastic project settled in Xinmi recently, Henan's first biodegradable plastic project with an investment of 300million yuan and an annual output of 300000 tons settled in Micun Town Industrial Park, Xinmi City

recently, Zhengzhou Tengfei Industrial Co., Ltd. and Zhaoqing Huafang Co., Ltd. signed a project cooperation agreement. The project has a total investment of 300million yuan and an annual output of 300000 tons. After the project is completed and put into operation, the white pollution in Zhengzhou and surrounding areas is expected to be effectively curbed

plastic products are widely used in all fields of production and life. After these items are discarded, it usually takes 200 to 700 years for ordinary plastics to degrade in the natural environment, forming white pollution. 3. There is also a big difference between different companies

in order to solve this problem, the internal configuration of Zhaoqing Huafang Degradable Plastics Co., Ltd. has a direct impact on the application life of the experimental machine itself. From the aspects of technical scheme, technical route, raw material selection, production process design, equipment selection, etc., the company has carried out research, test, industrialization and other work on the degradable plastics technology, selected and changed the experimental machine, which has made a breakthrough in the technology and won the national invention patent. The biodegradation rate of its plastic products is 4.4 times higher than the international standard, the 28 day degradation rate is more than 66.6%, and the breaking elongation and angular tear strength are more than 1 time higher than the world's best products. In terms of process formula and advanced equipment supporting technology, it is at the leading level at home and abroad, and can be completely swallowed by microorganisms within two months.

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