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The first batch of trains of Hefei Rail Transit Line 1 will debut before the end of July

the first batch of trains of Hefei Rail Transit Line 1 will debut before the end of July next year. The train of line 1 will adopt type B train, which can take 950~1800 people. By the end of July next year, you only need one injection molding machine and one rim system line for Hefei rail transit No. 1, and the first batch of trains will debut. All the 26 156 trains in the whole line will be driven from Hefei CSR to see our advantage rail transit vehicles Co., Ltd. The train of line 1 will adopt type B train, which can take 950~1800 people. In order to timely follow up the needs of the partnership unit, the art scheme of the train has been determined. It wears Chinese red and looks cute. Yesterday, the commencement ceremony of Hefei CSR base project (phase I) was held. All trains will be delivered for operation before December 31, 2016

the first batch of trains will be unveiled before the end of July next year

yesterday morning, the first phase of Hefei CSR base project started. It is reported that the project invested 328.6 million yuan and planned to use 500 mu of land. After completion, it will form a total assembly production capacity of 200 newly built subways/year, 200 intercity vehicles/year and 100 trams/year. The parts manufactured by various production bases of CSR group will be assembled in Hefei CSR base. Before July 31 next year, the first batch of trains of Hefei Rail Transit Line 1 will debut. It is reported that all 26 156 trains of line 1 will leave Hefei CSR base

in addition, the maintenance and other supporting facilities of the train of line 1 can also be carried out in Hefei. It is understood that Hefei CSR rail transit vehicle Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between CSR Nanjing Puzhen Vehicle Co., Ltd. under CSR group and Anhui Wantou Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. Its main businesses include metro vehicles, intercity rail transit equipment, assembly and maintenance of trams, etc; It also involves the development of key parts and the overseas vehicle manufacturing industry. While providing reliable guarantee for Hefei rail transit operation, Hefei CSR will gradually improve the rail transit vehicle production chain, introduce relevant supporting industries and cultivate local enterprises with relevant foundation

According to Zhang Qiang, chairman of Hefei CSR, metro trains can be divided into three categories: A, B and C according to vehicle specifications. The vehicles of Hefei line 1 are new type B vehicles, the same as those of Hangzhou, Suzhou, Dongguan, Wuxi and other cities. Compared with A-type vehicle, B-type vehicle is small and elegant, with narrow body, and adopts green environmental protection technology. The train seating capacity is 950~1800 people

Zhang Qiang introduced that the new B-type train network control system adopts distributed on-board electronic computer control technology, with a high level of intelligence and automation. It integrates train monitoring, diagnosis and control functions, and has automatic fault guidance safety. It is the most advanced mainstream technology in the field of urban rail transit in the world. During operation, it adopts single driver on duty ATO driving mode or manual driving mode, with unmanned automatic turn back function

in addition, the new polyglutamic acid is also widely used in fine chemicals, medicine, water treatment and other fields. The design life of the B-type vehicle body can reach more than 30 years. It can be recycled after the service life is exceeded. Green environmental protection materials and energy-saving, shock absorption and noise reduction technologies are adopted. All equipment of the vehicle system can meet the requirements of fire prevention, waterproof, shockproof, corrosion prevention, lightning protection, hail protection, fog haze prevention, insect pest prevention, dust prevention, etc, The vehicle performance meets the requirements of safety, comfort, green and environmental protection

set handrails and wheelchair areas for the disabled

at present, the artistic design of the train of line 1 has been determined. There is a red line at the top and middle ends of the car body, which makes the appearance of the train red and white, atmospheric and playful. Zhang Qiang said that the main color of Metro Line 1 is red, and other lines will adopt different colors in the future, which means that with the increase of lines, citizens can distinguish different lines by color

in addition, passengers can also watch wonderful programs and travel information through multimedia films and television; Armrests and wheelchair areas for the disabled are set in the car, and ergonomics is fully considered for ordinary seats; There is also a high-performance variable-frequency air conditioning unit in the car, which uses an optical plasma air purification device to disinfect, sterilize, remove odor and improve air quality. These designs are very humanized

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b-type vehicle foundation size: 19 m long, 2.8 m wide and 3.8 m high; 4~8 trains; Train capacity 950~1800 persons; The maximum operating speed is 80~120 km/h; The line is suitable for peak one-way section passenger flow of 20000-35000/h

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