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Sany low-level relocation takes away Hunan's tens of billions of GDP in a month

Sany low-level relocation takes away Hunan's tens of billions of GDP in a month

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Guide: take the Changping line of Beijing Subway and drive along the direction of Xierqi towards Nanshao. Soon, you will see that there are rows of heavy machinery equipment parked in a factory on the right side of the road, and the comprehensive office building facing the gate of the factory, The word "quality changes the world" is particularly prominent. This is Beijing of Sany Industrial Park

take the Changping line of Beijing subway and drive along the direction of Xierqi to Nanshao. Soon, you will see that there are rows of heavy machinery equipment parked in a factory on the right side of the road, and the words "quality changes the world" are particularly prominent in the comprehensive office building facing the gate of the factory

this is the Beijing location of Sany Industrial Park, where several companies such as Sany Heavy machinery have taken root

on December 26, the interview learned that in the future, Sany group's personnel who moved from Hunan to Beijing will be resettled here in succession. Executives of Sany Heavy Industry, including some vice presidents, began to work in Beijing last week. "Other leaders will also move in after the office is decorated, but it's hard to say when all the staff will finish moving."

some executives moved in

it has been more than a month since Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany group, sent a signal to move the headquarters to Beijing. During this period, the relocation of Sany has been carried out in a low-key manner

a management of Sany Heavy Industry said that Sany's new headquarters base will also be located in Sany Industrial Park in Huilongguan, which has now settled in four companies, Sany Heavy machinery, Sany electric, Sany technology and sany construction machinery. "Even if the final relocation involves hundreds of people, it doesn't need to be too big." The person said

in the afternoon of December 26, people who made plastic films, wires and cables, waterproof rolls, metal wires, cartons and other materials came to Beijing Sany Heavy machinery company again. Compared with the desolation more than 20 days ago, it is obviously much more lively here. During the two hours of stay, vehicles continued to enter and leave the factory

compared with the bustle at the gate, the whole plant is much quieter. Except for a few sanitation workers, few people walk around. Because the snow has not yet completely melted, most of the plant area is still covered with snow except the parking area and main roads. Located behind the comprehensive office building, the gates of three workshops are closed, and there is no sign of production

the aforementioned management said that there would be no clear demarcation line for the relocation of Sany Heavy Industry. It could only be moved slowly and continuously. "There is no specific statistics on the number of people who have moved here, but it will not exceed 100 people"

the relocation only involves a few departments and personnel of the headquarters, which are basically middle and high-level managers with poor anti pollution ability. "They are all people with families, and some practical problems such as houses and children's education need to be solved"

according to the director of Sany group and an unnamed vice president of Sany Heavy Industry, at present, 30 or 40 employees of Sany headquarters have moved to Beijing, and less than 100 employees will move to Beijing in the future. Such as pumping business unit, truck crane, road machinery and all factories and projects in Hunan are not included in the relocation. Hunan will continue to be the focus of Sany's future development and investment

In the proposal on Amending the articles of association just considered and approved by the board of directors, Sany Heavy Industry plans to change its registered address from "Sany administrative center, Sany industrial city, Sany Road, Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone" to "Sany Industrial Park, No. 8, Beiqing Road, Huilongguan town, Changping District, Beijing". At present, this proposal still needs to be submitted to the general meeting of shareholders of the company for deliberation

a director of Sany group said that it was not excluded that the registered address of Sany group would also change

in this regard, Zhang Yuanzhong, director partner of Beijing Wentian law firm, said in an interview with this newspaper that if the registration place of Sany Heavy Industry changes, the tax will also change accordingly. "The registration place is all in Beijing, and the taxpayer belongs to the enterprise in Beijing. How can it be in Hunan, unless there is a branch there, you can pay tax locally"

Zhang Yuanzhong believes that it is unlikely that Sany Heavy Industry will still pay taxes in situ after the change of registration place. "In addition to enjoying the reduction and exemption within a few years in a specific region or industry, it is not realistic not to pay taxes for a long time."

this is not the news that Hunan local people want to hear: Sany group's tax payment reached 397.37 million yuan as early as 2007, and after the relocation is completed, Hunan is likely to lose this large taxpayer

however, this statement was denied by Sany Heavy Industry

on December 26, the management of Sany Heavy Industry said that after the change of registration place, there would be no impact on the tax payment. "In the future, the tax will be paid locally in Hunan. Where the financial resources of each place are, they will be paid and even become an indispensable equipment place"

he said that Hunan was still the main production base in the relocation plan. "The money and profits it earns are still counted in Hunan, such as Shanghai, Kunshan and Kunshan."

however, the administrator also told that with the change of registration place, the only possible impact is on GDP. "In terms of GDP, for example, we exceeded 80 billion yuan last year, and the previous increase to 43% in 2015 was counted in Hunan's GDP. In the future, it may be counted in Beijing." He said that although the tax has no impact, a total may be attributed to the place where the registration is located

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