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Sany international carried out the activity of "love in Sany small migratory bird summer camp"

Sany international carried out the activity of "love in Sany small migratory bird summer camp"

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on August 16, the annual small migratory birds "flew" from the south to the north and came to Shenyang Industrial Park. This time, "where are the small migratory birds going", Lu Zhen, chairman of Sany international trade union, decided to take them to have a good time

parents and children devote themselves to the relay games

in addition to the regular factory visit, Sany international labor union specially prepared an unforgettable beach summer camp. The destination is Baisha Bay in Bayuquan, Yingkou, a well-known summer resort. Baisha Bay is a bathing beach hidden by green trees and enjoys the reputation of "the first beach in Northeast China". The little migratory birds who came to Baisha bay were very excited. They played heartily on the beach, picking up shells, catching small fish, catching small crabs... They had a lot of fun

before the start of the activity, Lu sichen, who loved singing and was the host since childhood, secretly told the staff of the trade union, "I want to be the host of the beautiful seaside small growth of 223.68%. I don't know if it can meet my little wish?" Her suggestion was adopted at once. In the face of the little migratory birds from all directions, Lu sichen did not have stage fright and behaved gracefully. Together with the Secretary of the Youth League Committee, he took the stage to preside over the little migratory birds summer camp get-together

maybe Baisha Bay is really beautiful. Maybe it's inspired by the little host that the stage can develop steadily and rapidly only by improving the product quality. The little migratory birds are all enthusiastic, and they compete to take part in every game link

the talent show after the game is the most exciting. As soon as the host's voice fell, the little migratory birds rushed to the stage. Dong Jinglin, a little migratory bird, held Shandong Allegro and sang orally, and then went on the stage. His performance was really humorous; Then the beautiful little girl Wang Xiao somersaulted on the stage, her soft body can be bent into a bow, one handed somersaults are one after another, and a series of difficult acrobatic performances stunned the children, clapping and shouting one after another; Ma Sirui, a little girl who lives in Shandong, specially permed her beautiful curly hair for today's performance on the stage, wearing a beautiful flower hat, and stood on the stage singing sweet nursery rhymes, which made people intoxicated; Because of the time, the host finally led everyone to dance the happy collective dance "little apple". At this time, Zhong Chen, a little migratory bird from Jiangsu, held her father and cried. It turned out that she was anxious to cry her nose because she didn't have time to perform on the stage...

high efficiency

light up a small wish, let the dream of little migratory birds fly, and give them a stage to show themselves, Maybe this is the best way to shorten the distance between the little migratory birds and their parents who can't be together at ordinary times. Although this stage is small in the long-distance logistics conditions, it is of far-reaching significance, and it must also leave a good memory of their childhood

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