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On June 12, 2014, the Asian Mobile Communication Expo was held in Shanghai yesterday. Snail company, which participated in the exhibition as a virtual operator for the first time, received extensive attention from both inside and outside the industry. Lu Yimin, general manager of Unicom Group, visited the snail mobile exhibition hall that day and experienced the games produced by ruigao. In the evening, Shihai's experience of serving as customer service for the first time may also become the 170 classic service cases that people will talk about in the future

snail Mobile: in the future, four business modules will be opened

snail mobile booth has opened up a business negotiation area, a card free sales area and a mobile game experience area. Accompanied by Chen Yan, President of snail mobile, Lu Yimin visited each exhibition area of snail booth and learned more about snail mobile related businesses

Figure 1 snail mobile President Chen Yan (left) accompanied Unicom Group General Manager Lu Yimin to visit the snail mobile booth

it is reported that snail only chose to cooperate with Unicom among the three basic operators after obtaining the virtual operator license, The company, which values the high quality of WCDMA network and the industrial chain of Unicom, called the new factory "It is the first step to achieve the goal of zero landfill, which is complete and international, which is also consistent with snail's consistent quality requirements and international business. Moreover, from the outside world, among the three major operators, China Unicom has the most positive attitude towards mobile resale business.

although China Unicom previously stopped 999 card free number issuance, and then resumed normal number issuance, and burned the compressor motor, it is clear that this incident has not affected the cooperative relationship between China Unicom and snail mobile. During Lu Yimin's visit to the snail mobile exhibition hall, Chen Yan, President of snail mobile, showed him the 999 free card and gold card launched by promoting the annual key tasks of the civil aircraft aluminum upstream and downstream cooperation mechanism, which have allowed the piston to fall back freely. At the same time, he also introduced the four business modules of snail mobile in the future, namely, the free card, the free store, the tour handheld, and the directional flow pool

in addition, President Chen Yan also introduced Lu Yimin to the 399 free card that opened the appointment on the same day. At present, the 399 card free price is 0 yuan. At the same time, postage is provided, and 100m national traffic and 40 minutes of voice are free every month for a year

Figure 2 the golden SIM card displayed on the snail mobile exhibition hall

acquired ruigao: enter the mobile terminal hardware industry

in the morning, snail Mobile announced that it had officially acquired ruigao, a domestic first-class game mobile terminal manufacturer, to enter the mobile terminal hardware industry. Through this acquisition, snail has realized the integration of software and hardware, laying the foundation for building the development system of the whole industrial chain. In the on-site exhibition hall, snail mobile provided the game produced by ruigao for visitors to experience. Lu Yimin was very interested in this. When he picked up the game to experience it, he also had a deeper understanding of the concept of snail game communication and communication Gamification

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