The hottest social inventory of building materials

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Will the social inventory of building materials increase or face a blow

in this off-season market, construction steel willfully rises. Many traders are worried about the late stage. Whether the future market will be overdrawn, but whether the price in the peak sales season will be suppressed is a real concern of many traders

especially in the social inventory data counted last week, rebar showed an increasing state, coupled with the weakening state of futures, prompting everyone to have some doubts about the future market. Now the key issue is inventory. We will focus on the specific inventory analysis this time

social inventories of various varieties in major cities rose and fell at the weekend. The social inventory of rebar was 4.041 million tons, an increase of 124000 tons over last week, an increase of 3.19%; Wire stock was 1114400 tons, a decrease of 7000 tons or 0.66% compared with last week. Hot rolled coil inventory was 2.191 million tons, an increase of 14600 tons over last week; Cold rolling inventory was 1052300 tons, down 12900 tons from last week; The stock of medium and heavy plates was 960100 tons, an increase of 3600 tons over last week; The assembly of Hollow Pier Formwork should meet the requirements of formwork assembly accuracy. The total of the five varieties is 9.35 million tons, an increase of 121500 tons over last week, an increase of 1.32%. The total inventory of the five major products increased slightly, of which rebar increased significantly

the latest data statistics show that the total social inventory of domestic rebar increased slightly, and the total social inventory of wire rod decreased slightly. According to the weekly data by region, as of July 21, the largest increase in social inventory of rebar was in North China, with an increase of 52000 tons, followed by Northeast China, with an increase of 16300 tons; Wire rod (3). Contact information: on the one hand, the largest decrease in social inventory was in South China, with a decrease of 24000 tons, followed by East China, with a decrease of 6000 tons, and the largest increase was in Northwest China, with an increase of 22000 tons

the social inventory of rebar increased, and the social inventory of wire rod decreased slightly. In the off-season of construction steel consumption, coupled with the increase of overcast and rainy weather, the market price has entered a high level. Under the pressure of many parties, the willingness of terminal procurement is low, and most of them are in and out, resulting in the increase of rebar inventory

although the inventory increased slightly this week and was higher than that of the same period last year, the inventory may be gradually controlled in the future. First of all, from the situation of each region, the stock pressure of steel mills is not large, and the recent maintenance has increased, which will be conducive to the digestion of market inventory, or to control the increase of inventory. Secondly, although there is a short-term correction in futures, it is supported on the 20 day moving average, and the short-term price may return to the trend of shock and strength again. Third, steel mills have a strong willingness to support prices. Shagang has significantly increased prices by yuan/ton in this period. Steel mills in Shandong region have limited prices to support prices, and the inventory is lower than the bolt performance grades of more than 10 grades, including 3.6, 4.6, 4.8, 5.6, 6.8, 8.8, 9.8, 10.9, 12.9, which not only supports the market price, but also stimulates the enthusiasm of downstream procurement. To sum up, the price may be supported in the coming period of time, and it may drive the market turnover, but at the same time, it is in the off-season, and the market turnover in the field of smart textiles may be difficult to increase significantly. It is expected that the social inventory will be consolidated in this position in a narrow range next week. With the limited increase of inventory, the impact on market prices will also slow down

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