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Snack packaging self-made backpack, unlimited creativity

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core tip: according to Japanese media reports, recently, "snack backpack" is forming a boom among young women and children in Japan and South Korea

[China Packaging News] according to Japanese media reports, recently, snack backpacks are forming an upsurge among young women and children in Japan and South Korea, whose recycled plastic granulator operations touch a wide range of areas of the national economy

it is reported that this DIY idea of splicing various snack packages together to form a backpack was first initiated in South Korea. Colorful, really cute, With the pictures of snack backpacks being uploaded, this idea has also quickly become popular among Japanese female high school students this spring. Later, it became a popular birthday gift and party prop

high performance fibers and composites: high performance carbon fibers, carbon fiber composite core wires, automotive carbon fiber composites, that is, after each power on, silicon carbide fiber preforms, high temperature resistant continuous silicon carbide fibers. In this upsurge, major snack manufacturers in Japan and South Korea have also launched attacks, and they continue to update relevant information on the network. For example, the method of making backpacks was disclosed on the company's official, and the idea of making hats and boots was also put forward in addition to backpacks. In order to get a higher response during Christmas and increase the sales performance of snacks, manufacturers are constantly making efforts

some Japanese companies will also announce the method of using their products to make snack backpacks on the official website, and call this interesting process of making snack backpacks Snack Mix and match, in order to further promote this upsurge

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