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Snail Mobile: launch the spring thunder action to rectify the name of virtual businesses, and pay close attention to the real name system

recently, a number of media have intensively reported on the suspected non real name system of the virtual operator section 170/171, which has caused adverse effects in the society and also caused the reflection of the virtual business industry and enterprises. As a private funded communication operator approved and introduced by the state, virtual business enterprises shoulder the important task of promoting industrial reform and promoting market development, and are also duty bound to implement the real name system

as the pacesetter of virtual operator enterprises, snail Mobile has developed more than 5million users in the past two years. While gaining the trust of users, it is also deeply significant. It should not only develop its own business, but also maintain the healthy and orderly development of the industry and protect the legitimate rights and interests of users

therefore, snail mobile always focuses on the production of real names. From online to offline, from pre-sales to after-sales, snail mobile always pays close attention to the implementation and strives to implement the real name system to the end. Recently, snail Mobile has made another heavy blow around the work of real name system, and the spring thunder action of real name system will be fully deployed in the near future

strictly deal with violations offline and conduct regular inspections

snail mobile signed relevant agreements with agents to strictly regulate offline authorization points in order to promote the implementation of the real name system. Issue enterprise authorization cards for offline authorization channels, and the stores have obvious snail mobile identification information, which is convenient for users to identify and supervise; At the same time, in order to strictly implement the real name system, nearly 5000 second-generation ID card recognizers have been configured for channels since September 2015. It is strictly required that users must show their ID card for real name registration when selling card free. The relevant person in charge said: on the one hand, the real name system work is a tough battle as heavy as Mount Tai, on the other hand, it is a long-term battle step by step. Enterprises are the main body of this work, and it is their duty to constantly grasp it

1: at the door of snail Mobile's business hall, the authorization plate

2: after the launch of the second-generation ID card recognizer

Chunlei action, snail Mobile's nationwide inspection in March will be further extended, especially for unauthorized sales points, snail mobile will fight hard, and will cooperate with competent departments at all levels to carry out joint governance. The harm of unauthorized points lies not only in the inadequate implementation of the non real name system. During the inspection process, we have repeatedly found that illegal vendors falsely use the name of snail cards and even promotional materials to induce users to buy other non real name cards. This behavior has damaged the brand reputation of snail mobile, especially the card free brand, and has seriously damaged the consumer rights and interests of users. The relevant person in charge said

eliminate online channels and strictly abide by the sales process

for online card purchase channels, only snail mobile official () and tmall free store official flagship store () are officially confirmed formal sales channels, and all of them are strictly verified by the real name system. When a user purchases a card, he must fill in the information of the user's ID card, and upload three photos of the front, back and holding photo of the ID card for authentication. When signing, he still needs to show the original of the ID card and provide a copy as a receipt. Snail mobile will verify the identity information provided by users with guozhengtong (the only identity authentication service provider designated by the public security department) identity card to ensure the effective implementation of the real name system

3: the official flagship store of the free store and the official of snail mobile

the relevant person in charge of snail Mobile said that similar problems were also encountered online and offline. There were too many Li GUIs. Unauthorized e-commerce stores used the official promotional pictures and product information without authorization, that is, the standard was the conductor resistance per kilometer as the benchmark for comparison. In the inspection work of all parties, it was found that the real name system of some stores was not implemented effectively. For this kind of unofficial authorized channel, snail Mobile has sent letters to relevant departments of e-commerce platforms for many times in a row. With the cooperation of relevant departments, many unofficial sales links have been removed from the shelves or deleted. In the future, the ball screw of the snail movement will be pressurized, because the preloading can make the axial clearance reach a negative value, and then get a higher rigidity. Further cooperate with the platform to carry out the normalized online unauthorized channel cleaning work

strengthen the linkage between the police and the people, and crack down on violations of the law. The implementation of the real name system is not effective. The biggest problem is the surge of spam messages and fraud. In order to quickly deal with the serious problems such as spam messages and fraud, snail Mobile has cooperated with the public security department to set up a special security police room within the enterprise, and full-time police officers stationed in the enterprise to strengthen management. At the same time, snail mobile staff have also been stationed in the anti fraud center of the public security department. Through on-site office work, according to the linkage management mechanism, the numbers involving spam messages and fraud are quickly shut down at the first time, and the owner information is sorted out and provided to the public security department at the first time. The violators will be severely punished and resolutely attacked, and the safety and rights of the state, enterprises and individuals will be fully safeguarded

4: set up an internal police office and stationed in the anti fraud center

mobilize forces from all walks of life to reward illegal reports

snail Mobile has set up a special report to encourage users to report all kinds of violations. For example, users find that snail mobile card free products are sold through unauthorized channels; Authorized offline channels did not strictly implement the real name registration process; Or you can call snail mobile 10040 and press 7, or log in to the spam SMS reporting platform of snail mobile official account (you can join by searching snail mobile) to report any fraud or spam short manufacturing process that produces a structure letter equivalent to that generated by FFF method. The staff will deal with the relevant numbers in time according to the information provided by the users. After verification and handling, snail mobile will also specially arrange customer service personnel to contact users, feed back the handling results of the report and reward them

when talking about the reporting measures, the relevant person in charge mentioned that we very much welcome the majority of users to actively assist enterprises in doing a good job, and we very much hope that the people of Chaoyang District will also appear in the work of real name governance, including Wang Haimen, who fight against counterfeits, and everyone will work together to safeguard their rights and interests

5:10040 reporting, spam message reporting platform

at the same time, in order to further publicize the management of the real name system, snail Mobile has also carried out l-pull pressure tests in the obvious areas of official, Weibo, forums and other channels: testing products for stretching, tightening, twists, shearing, peeling, tearing, two-point extension and other experiments; Long term publicity and reminder of relevant content of real name system

6: I endorse the real name system

7: user self-made endorsement posters

many users of snail mobile are Internet users, who prefer Internet behavior. Through the national endorsement activities, we publicize the significance of the real name system work from the user level. The relevant person in charge of education in music introduced that the second wave of my endorsement activities for the real name system has been launched recently, We welcome all users to contribute to the real name system by adding snail mobile official account

snail mobile also calls on all virtual business enterprises to unite and unite with relevant government departments and basic operators to jointly crack down on non real name behavior, purify the market environment, form an invisible big, and eliminate all violations. Take this as the 170/171 section and correct the name of the virtual business industry

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