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Xiaolong 670: how about a knife? The sudden release of eight core 10 nm

in Xiaolong 670 processor must have started various discussions without even finishing breakfast. Of course, this can't be separated from the credit of the predecessor Xiaolong 660. Once upon a time, the emergence of Xiaolong 660 gave more similar space to midrange computers, such as Xiaomi note3, Xiaomi 6x, nut pro2, 360n7

Xiaolong 660 is manufactured by 14nm process and equipped with eight core kryo core, which achieves a very good balance in performance and power consumption. It introduces the technology and functional modules that were previously only available on the Xiaolong 800 Series platform, but it is so pleasing in terms of cost control that businesses and users are naturally happy

what about Xiaolong 670? It adopts 10nm process, eight core design, and of course, large and small core design: two kryo 360 (based on A75) high-performance cores with a frequency of 2.0 GHz, and six kryo 360 (based on A55) energy-efficient cores with a frequency of 1.7 GHz. The official said that in terms of CPU performance, the 670 is 15% higher than the previous 660

the GPU has also been upgraded from the previous Adreno 512 to Adreno 615, and the rendering performance has been improved by 25%, which is very close to the Adreno 616 of the snapdragon 710

of course, flagship machines such as oppo R15 dream mirror version, vivo X21 and Meizu 15, which are annoying the power supply, should also be painted with anti-oxidation paint in time. With the advantage of Xiaolong 660, they got rid of MediaTek's pot and joined Qualcomm's queue. Undoubtedly, this also makes the aircraft friends have some more guesses about the new machines that these three brands are about to start. It seems logical to use tools to tighten the dynamic knife test. However, Meizu 16 has now appeared on the stage, equipped with Qualcomm 845 processor, Obviously, Meizu is not willing to condescend to the impression of striving to build Wuxi into a national graphene industry utilization demonstration base and an internationally competitive graphene industry development model area because of the processor

about whether the new aircraft carries the snapdragon 670, the most talked about is oppo's next-generation new flagship R17. Presumably, the scene that R11 successfully joined Qualcomm's lineup with Xiaolong 660 was still vivid. Later, R15 dreamscape resolutely insisted on Xiaolong 660, which is loyal. Why not grow with Qualcomm 600 series

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