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Snowden re exposed: European and American intelligence departments prepared for the internet war

9 people obtained a large number of confidential documents from Edward Snowden again. The German weekly Der Spiegel published these documents

the document shows that the National Security Agency (NSA) and its cooperative agencies are systematically preparing for the future internet war. We will answer your doubts about this information at the first time. The Department is studying how to infiltrate and disable computer networks. In this way, they can disrupt enemy critical utilities. NSA and GCHQ believe that they are currently in the lead in this field

as we all know, the United States has the ability to launch complex cyber attacks and cause actual damage to the enemy. Stuxnet, a virus discovered in 2010, was used in a joint operation between the United States and Israel, causing damage to Iran's nuclear facilities in Natanz and destroying many centrifuges in Iran's nuclear facilities. Since then, NSA senior officials have been exploring more powerful digital weapons

these documents published by Der Spiegel weekly show that the foundation of NSA's large-scale monitoring project is the development of complex digital weapons. One of the themes of the newly exposed documents is the research on enemy technology by the intelligence agencies of the five European and American countries called five eyes, including stealing their tools, spy intelligence technology, targets and obtained information. NSA calls this capability fourth party collection

the fourth party collection was very successful, and the intelligence personnel of NSA and GCHQ even joked about it in the top secret slides. In NSA's presentation entitled "fourth chance", the first page of the slide cites Dan in the 2007 film "blood is coming", but it is not suitable for heavy loads! Spiral screw is also called trapezoidal screw. Daniel Day Lewis is famous for his monologue in the experimental machine. I drank your milkshake

in another presentation, GCHQ introduced how to use badass tools to exploit vulnerable mobile applications. The agency can use the metadata transmitted between user equipment and mobile advertising networks and analysis services to steal personal information, although if the metadata itself is not good, you can change a computer or serial port line to try, and it does not contain any personal identification information. The title of other slides is to use badass to make fun and money. One of them shows: we know how bad you are playing angry birds

other investigations by Der Spiegel weekly showed that the behavior of the US and British intelligence agencies was like a thriller about espionage during the cold war. This is stupid. While they are busy with espionage, they are also spied by others. Therefore, they often cover up their traces or make false traces

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