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Successful development of copper like waterborne inorganic paint

various copper utensils, decorations and sculptures are deeply loved by people. Now people paint the surfaces of various non-metallic or ferrous metals to imitate brass and bronze to replace the real copper alloy products. Especially in recent years, large copper like sculptures, reliefs and copper like handicrafts inside and outside some large squares and hotels are coated with copper like paint on the surface of cement products

at present, these coatings generally use organic resin varnish as film-forming material (such as polyurethane varnish, alkyd varnish, etc.), with copper gold powder, carbon black, iron red, etc. as the main pigments and fillers, and achieve the copper imitation effect by adjusting the color of the coating. The main defects of these coatings are: ⑴ the coating film is mainly organic resin, so it has a plastic luster, but not the metallic luster and texture of real metal products, so the simulation degree is not high; ⑵ the surface hardness of ordinary organic resin paint is low, which is easy to be scratched and damaged, not wear-resistant, and loses its original luster after long-term wear; ⑶ the outdoor weather resistance is poor, and the film is easy to yellowing and chalking. The weather resistance is only about half a year to a year, which is not suitable for the coating of outdoor sculptures; (4) when organic resin paint is used for interior decoration coating, there is a large amount of volatilization of organic solvent and residual plasticizer and curing agent, which is harmful to human health and does not meet the requirements of environmental protection

Aiming at the above shortcomings of organic resin paint used for copper like decoration, the invention develops a water-based inorganic copper like coating with high simulation degree and good outdoor durability, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration, does not pollute the environment and has good decorative effect. There are no reports of waterborne inorganic coatings for copper like decoration at home and abroad

the water-based inorganic copper like coating invented and developed by the new product industry department of measuring instruments, which has made major improvements in the structure and material of the original products by science and technology and production of central China Normal University, resulting in changes in performance and technical characteristics. It takes lithium silicate aqueous solution (lithium silicate) and acrylic emulsion as the main film-forming material, and adds dispersants, defoamers, thickeners and other additives, such as pure copper powder, pure tin powder Metal powders such as zinc powder are the main pigments, together with pigments and fillers such as zinc oxide and talc powder. After each component is mixed in proportion, it can be sprayed and brushed on the surface of ornaments. After the coating film is fully dried (at room temperature 250C, 4 hours), gently wipe it with a special metal wipe on the surface of the coating film to get a bright and clean coating with strong metal texture

the copper like coating developed by the invention has the following characteristics: Johnson Matthey has predicted that the sales of its catalyst business will slow down in the next few years: ⑴ high simulation degree. By adjusting the proportion of different metal powders in the formula, copper alloys such as bronze and brass can be imitated. The coating obtained by special construction has strong metal texture and real metal luster. The external decoration effect of the above nine kinds of food contact materials and product standards is good. ⑵ high hardness. After the film is cured, the surface hardness is high (pencil hardness reaches more than 6h), which is wear-resistant and scratch resistant. The more the surface is wiped, the more metallic it is. B. use standard materials or reference standards for calibration; Strong. ⑶ good outdoor weather resistance. The coating has strong water resistance (water resistance of more than 2000 hours), no yellowing, and strong adhesion with the surface of cement products and steel products, so the outdoor durability can reach more than 10 years. (4) no pollution. The water-based inorganic coating takes water as the solvent, and does not volatilize organic solvent during the drying process of the coating, which is harmless to human body and suitable for indoor decoration. (5) high temperature resistant and non combustible. It can withstand 300-4000c high temperature and is non combustible. It is suitable for indoor and high temperature resistant occasions

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